What Are the Different Types of Jobs in Foreign Language?

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When choosing a career in foreign language, a job candidate may have several job opportunities from which to choose. An individual can become an interpreter, which is a person who translates spoken words into a different language. He could also become a translator, which is a person who translates written words. Other jobs in foreign language can be found in educational institutions and the government.

One of the best-paying jobs in foreign language is interpretation. This is often considered to be a high-pressure job. An interpreter must be able to quickly translate the words of one person speaking into another language. He will then usually relay the message to individuals who do not understand the speaker's language.

There are two types of interpreters, a simultaneous interpreter and a consecutive interpreter. Simultaneous interpreting involves speaking a translation as words are being said. This is usually done during large gatherings, such as conferences. A consecutive interpreter, on the other hand, will usually wait for the speaker to finish one statement before translating.

Translation jobs are other common jobs related to foreign language. A translator usually translates written words into another language. This is often done with items like books and websites. Many interpreters work as independent contractors, and they often get paid per word or per page.


When looking for jobs in foreign language, individuals can also look into teaching. These types of jobs can be found in most educational institutions, including universities, high schools, and even some elementary schools. A teaching certificate is often required before teaching foreign language in these institutions, but some individuals may choose to tutor pupils instead.

Government jobs in foreign language are also a possibility. Nations must communicate with one another, so many governments are always looking for individuals who are fluent in foreign languages. In the United States (US), for example, the National Security Agency (NSA) often requires employees to know at least one foreign language. US border patrol officers stationed on the Mexican border also are required to understand and speak Spanish.

Fluency in a foreign language can also be useful in just about any type of field. Being fluent in a foreign language often comes in handy when doing business with foreign partners, for example. It can also be helpful for a manager of a hotel chain to be fluent in a foreign language. This can help eliminate confusion and awkwardness when the hotel has foreign guests.


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