What Are the Different Types of Jobs in Cosmetic Surgery?

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There are a variety of different jobs in cosmetic surgery, each with varying levels of responsibility. Nurses in this field may provide before and after care for patients, or offer assistance to surgeons during procedures. Anesthesiologist positions are also common jobs in cosmetic surgery; these doctors administer and monitor pain medication before, during, and after a variety of plastic surgery procedures. Surgeons are one of the most well-known careers in this industry; while some perform a wide array of surgeries, others commit themselves to a specialty.

One of the most common jobs in cosmetic surgery is nursing. A circulating nurse typically handles the before and after care of a patient, as well as monitor the patient’s health, change bandages, and administer doctor-prescribed medications. A registered nurse may also work in this field as a scrub nurse. A person in this position typically assists surgeons during cosmetic procedures by supplying instruments and monitoring the stability of a patient. An RN first assistant may perform these same duties, but may also assist the surgeon with the procedure itself.


As with any surgical field of medicine, anesthesiologist positions make up a large portion of the jobs in cosmetic surgery. This position typically requires a person to attend medical school and a four-year residency in anesthesiology. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, allow an anesthesiologist practitioner to provide some of the same services without obtaining a medical degree, although a college degree and training are still necessary. These jobs in cosmetic surgery include responsibilities such as administering pain medication or anesthesia to patients prior to and during surgery. The anesthesiologist typically remains in the room during the procedure to monitor the patient, providing more medication as needed, and may also prescribe or administer pain medication after surgery as the patient heals.

Surgical positions are possibly the most well-known jobs in cosmetic surgery. General plastic surgeons tend to perform an array of procedures, from filler injections to liposuction and augmentations, and they typically run their own practice, either alone or in a group. A plastic surgeon may also choose specialty jobs in cosmetic surgery, with one of the most popular career choices being pediatric plastic surgery who work to correct birth defects or other issues that young children face. Trauma plastic surgeons typically work in hospitals and provide immediate cosmetic surgery procedures to people who have been in serious accidents. In some cases, these types of plastic surgeons will also help to correct any potential deformities or scarring that occurred due to another necessary surgical procedure.


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This sounds like one of the best cosmetic surgery jobs I've heard about Heavanet. It sounds like your niece's position allows her to experience the best of working in the field of cosmetic surgery without all the stress that doctors and nurses face. Good for her!

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I have a niece who works in a plastic surgeon's office as cosmetic coordinator. She works with patients to explain procedures and schedule appointments. She also works closely with the doctors and nurses to see to it that the practice meets the needs of their many patients. She loves her job, and finds it to be very rewarding.

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