What Are the Different Types of Island Decor?

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The usual intent of island decor is to evoke the feeling of being outdoors by the sea. This type of decor can have the bright, bold colors of parrots and tropical blooms, or it can display more muted tones such as the beige in different shades of sand. Sea shells and palm trees are popular motifs in island decor. Neutral colors usually predominate, enlivened with splashes of color. The overall look is generally casual.

A centerpiece for the kitchen or dining room table is a quick and easy way to introduce some island decor to a home. An ornamental basket filled with pineapple, coconut, banana, guava, and mango in place of the more traditional offerings of apples and pears can provide an attractive display to be admired while people eat. After the meal, it can provide a healthy dessert as well. A tropical fruit basket also makes the perfect centerpiece for a party with an island theme.

Fish are sometimes used in island decor. A tank filled with colorful saltwater fish fits the island theme perfectly while adding life and color to the room. If someone doesn’t want to be bothered with the maintenance of a saltwater tank, a goldfish bowl with one or two freshwater fish can make an attractive display instead. Wallpaper, borders, and art prints on the walls featuring fish and other island or tropical themes can help set the mood of being at the beach.


Plants are one of the most common elements used in island decor. A full-sized palm tree is too large for the average home, but there are other tropical plants, including smaller ones in the palm family that can fit inside an average-sized room. Setting several pots of these plants in a room decorated with rattan furniture will help to provide the ambiance of an island home.

Furniture plays an important role in island decor. Rattan and wicker are popular, and seat cushions generally are neutral earth tones similar to the color of sand or colorful tropical prints. Wall hangings and fabrics featuring shells, fish, palm trees, tropical flowers, animals, and other marine life are easy to find and complement the look of wicker very well.


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