What are the Different Types of Interactive Resources?

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There are many different types of interactive resources for learning and education, from books and movies to computer programs and games. The types of resources available will often depend on the subject matter that someone is interested in, though there are many resources that are easily adaptable to different subjects and so are widely available. Some resources are available that require no additional technological equipment, and these can include books with activities that help reinforce lessons, and lessons themselves that involve more than passive listening. There are also a number of interactive resources available that help students learn through engaging in a variety of activities, such as active viewing of movies and the use of computer software.

Interactive resources are guides and resources available to help students and teachers find ways to make the learning process interactive and more engaging. The types of resources available for a given subject area can be limited based on that subject area, though general areas like math and language often have many resources available. Many of these resources are freely available to teachers, students, and parents and allow learning to continue beyond the walls of a classroom. When interactive resources are used effectively, they can often greatly improve how well a student learns and the level of retention that is achieved.


While many interactive resources require computers and other technology to utilize, there are a number of resources available with no such requirements. There are many activity books that can be found, especially for young learners, which provide resources for activities and interactive methods of learning and expanding on what a child already knows. Many of these resources are aimed at learning shapes, numbers, letters, and various words; but there are also other resources for higher levels of learning. Books with games, puzzles, and riddles, board games that encourage abstract thought and simple math skills, and flash cards are all interactive resources that are easy to find and often fun to use.

There are also many interactive resources that do require a computer or other technology to fully utilize. Movies have been used in classrooms for decades to help students learn material that can be presented most easily through audio and video. Active viewing is a process by which students view a movie and answer questions dealing with the movie, as well as generating their own questions and ideas based on the material viewed. There are also many software programs and games for computers that are available as educational interactive resources. These can include simple math and number matching programs, interactive biological images about cells and the human body, and games in which a person must spell words to battle through a heroic adventure.


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