What are the Different Types of Interactive Guides?

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There are many types of interactive guides available over the Internet, some of which include tutorials for traveling abroad and language translators. Interactive lessons for financial planning are another type of interactive guide. These will include tips for budgeting. Interactive guides that offer lessons for seniors on how to use the Internet may teach the basics of web browsing and how to practice safe online shopping.

For those who want to learn about a particular subject without having to travel further than the nearest computer, interactive guides may be the ideal solution. One of the most popular types of instruction is an interactive reference guide for an electronic device. This may include a mobile phone or a computer, to name a few.

Interactive guides for electronics instruct consumers on how to get the most out of a product. Displaying various features of the product and explaining how it works may be done with interactive menus that allow the individual to participate by selecting various options. The consumer may also be asked questions to determine which features will be utilized.

Another type of interactive guide educates the public on various health-related issues. For instance, interactive guides on dentistry may instruct individuals on the proper way to maintain good oral hygiene. Chapters of these online guides may involve multiple-choice quizzes to test one's knowledge on subjects such as flossing or dental procedures.


Interactive travel guides are typically intended for those who would like information on travel destinations. These interactive guides often allow the individual to watch slide shows or short videos about various cities and regions around the world. Clicking on an image of a particular country may bring up various options.

Many medical centers, hospitals, and clinics use interactive guides on their websites. These guides sometimes display a virtual tour of the facility. Videos will show a detailed view of the inside of the facility, so the individual will feel almost like being there in person.

Interactive guides educate the public of safety measures to take during a natural disaster. For example, this type of interactive reference guide may include instruction on how to survive a tornado or earthquake. It may include video clips depicting a natural disaster or include a comprehensive list of what to do in an emergency.


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