What Are the Different Types of Inpatient Treatment?

Patti Kate

Inpatient treatment may include substance abuse rehabilitation or care for psychiatric patients suffering from depression or mood disorders. Methods of treatment in such cases may include various types of therapy or counseling. Patients with eating disorders are often treated at an inpatient facility, where eating habits can be monitored, and a special diet may be prescribed. Residential centers offer inpatient care for those with physical injuries. This treatment often involves physical rehabilitation and various exercise programs.

Intravenous fluids and medications may be given to treat or prevent dehydration.
Intravenous fluids and medications may be given to treat or prevent dehydration.

Many patients suffering from chronic pain often seek inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment for chronic pain may consist of physical rehabilitation therapy, although holistic and natural treatments may be employed as well. Hydrotherapy may be beneficial for many patients. Sessions may be performed daily under the supervision of a trained physical therapist. This type of inpatient treatment may benefit patients with spinal injuries, broken bones, and chronic pain.

Inpatient treatment for domestic abuse patients may include therapy.
Inpatient treatment for domestic abuse patients may include therapy.

Those who suffer from gambling addiction may be helped at a residential inpatient facility. Counseling and group meeting are often part of the program to treat gambling addiction. Behavioral therapy may also be employed as part of the treatment for gambling addiction.

Inpatient treatment for victims of domestic violence often includes counseling. Inpatient counseling for victims of domestic abuse may involve group therapy or family therapy. For victims who have been extremely traumatized, hypnosis may be part of the treatment plan.

Patients with fibromyalgia may learn to manage pain at inpatient care centers. Some treatments include an individualized exercise routine or prescribed medications. Muscle relaxers and pain killers may be given, along with an anti-inflammatory diet.

Cancer patients often seek inpatient treatment at cancer treatment centers. Treatment for every stage of cancer may be recommended during the course of the patient's stay. Cancer inpatient treatment may also involve chemotherapy, surgery, or pain management therapy.

People with Crohn's disease often find it difficult to control their symptoms and live a normal life. Crohn's is a chronic illness that affects the gastrointestinal system, causing stomach pain and frequent attacks of diarrhea. Inpatient treatment for Crohn's disease may include modification of diet and medication. In cases of dehydration in patients with Crohn's, intravenous fluid therapy may be given.

Anxiety or panic attacks affect people of all ages, and can disrupt one's daily life. Many individuals benefit from inpatient treatment at a mental health center. Behavioral modification therapy is one method of treatment for this disorder. Certain medications may also be prescribed to control anxiety attacks.

Pain management may involve inpatient treatment.
Pain management may involve inpatient treatment.

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