What Are the Different Types of Information Technology Employment?

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Electronic communication is pervasive throughout corporations, and information technology (IT) support is used for the systems that carry out computer functions. As a result, information technology employment might exist anywhere there are electronic systems as well as Internet and computer usage. Entry-level positions can be obtained, and there are more senior employment roles in this sector, too. Sales and managerial positions in information technology are other potential career options.

Part-time positions might be available for entry-level information technology employment. This can be a reasonable way to gain industry experience, make contacts and learn or perfect certain skills. Entry-level jobs in this industry could involve providing technical support to clients. It might be possible to telecommute and perform the functions of this position. A certain degree of training might be provided by an employer for such a position to ensure that the professional is up to speed with common types of software.


Companies use websites almost as business cards, given that much of the contact information as well as services and sales functions provided by firms are often available on the Internet. Web developers are information technology professionals who might design websites on behalf of corporate clients. In this type of information technology employment, a professional might work independently for many clients or could be hired in-house at an organization. For instance, a publishing company that has various online publications might use a web developer to not only design the pages for the online content but also to launch new online products or update existing web pages.

An individual who finds information technology employment as a manager might oversee an entire department and be responsible for maintaining computer and networking systems throughout an organization. In this type of role, the information technology skills that are required include an ability to provide an organization with a disaster recovery plan in the event that a network fails or there is some threat to the system. This is a high-level position that requires frequent communication with other top managers and executives at the company.

Technology service companies might provide IT functions to other businesses in various industries, such as healthcare or education. Information technology employment might be found in the sales division, where professionals might need to meet with current and prospective clients. Sales professionals might need to be knowledgeable about hardware and software systems and able to address any concerns of existing clients, including any problems that might arise with technology systems.


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