What are the Different Types of Industrial Safety Equipment?

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There are many varieties of industrial safety equipment available to protect the people who work in industrial settings. In the United States, many industries are subject to strict regulations that govern workplace safety and the industrial safety gear that must be available for use. This safety equipment is designed to protect the worker from hearing or vision loss, falls, burns, impact and other injuries.

The most common industrial safety equipment to be mandated by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) includes protection from vision and hearing loss. Vision can be protected in an industrial work environment by using safety glasses, facial shields or safety hoods. Safety glasses are designed to withstand direct impact from flying objects that could cause eye damage. Facial shields or hoods are designed to protect the whole face or head from chemical splashes or burns. Industrial hearing protection options include ear plugs and specially designed ear muffs that block out loud noises that could result in hearing loss.

Another type of industrial safety equipment protects the user from bumps or falling objects. Generally used in construction site and factory settings, safety helmets — commonly known as hard hats — protect the head from injury caused by bumps or falling objects. With the harness system that is designed into safety helmet construction, the wearer can bump his head on low objects or be hit by a falling object with relative safety.


Industrial workers who work on elevated surfaces require a special type of industrial safety gear that is designated for height safety. This type of industrial safety equipment includes harnesses and fall arrest systems. The purpose of this particular type of safety equipment is to protect the user from dangerous falls from heights.

Specialized industrial safety equipment may also include fire safety measures, such as extinguishing systems or specially designed suits to withstand high temperatures. This equipment is designed to protect the people working in the area and the equipment with which they are working. While most workplace settings are required to keep a fire extinguisher on hand, specialized fire safety equipment is necessary industrial settings where fire or extreme temperatures pose a serious threat to workers.

Even with a full outfit of industrial safety equipment available, accidents still happen, so it is important that workplaces provide emergency equipment for these situations. Commonly called a first aid kit, this emergency equipment is designed to render help to a person who has been the victim of an injury. While the most basic workplace safety and health action plans require a minimal amount of emergency equipment, such as bandages and eye wash, the requirements for emergency equipment of specific industries varies.


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Good post, but you really should mention work boots. They can really help prevent slips and falls. Plus, a supportive pair of work boots will help keep your body from feeling fatigued quickly, and as we all know, fatigue at work can get you injured quickly.

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This article provides good information about safety engineering and equipment.

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