What Are the Different Types of Image Processing Jobs?

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Image processing is term used to describe the steps through which images pass before reaching completion of a process. In artistic fields, such as professional photography and advertising, image processing usually includes image editing and enhancement. Technical fields, such as computer engineering, on the other hand, include image processing in which computers recognize real world images and analyze them. Some of the most common image processing jobs are in professional photography firms or advertising agencies. In more technical fields, it is common to find image processing jobs in computer engineering companies and surveillance system design and manufacturing companies.

Qualifications required to work image processing jobs depend largely on the industries jobs are in. For example, a person who would like to edit images for magazine advertisements should earn a degree in graphic design or marketing. It is important for this person to learn how to use necessary processing software. He or she also should have an aptitude for visual arts.


Individuals who have creative image processing jobs are normally not responsible for creating images. A professional designer or photographer might upload images into a workflow system. An image processor then might access an image and begin an editing process. He or she can alter color and perform image segmentation to bring out certain shapes, themes, and other aspects of a picture that help it to convey a proper message. This kind of professional not only is comfortable using oftentimes complex software, but he or she also understands how to make an image hold particular meanings.

When image processing jobs are in the computer engineering industry, a professional normally has academic degrees in computer science. This field also might be known as computer vision engineering. Professionals in this field tend to study it specifically. Individuals with these kinds of image processing jobs tend to be extremely proficient using related kinds of software. In some cases, individuals in this field can develop their own image processing software.

Image processing jobs for computer engineers vary considerably. For example, software developers might create new capabilities from scratch. Other professionals in this field, however, might act as technicians who optimize performance of vision software and perform troubleshooting for companies that use image processing programs.

Computer vision software is used in a number of different fields. For example, in the manufacturing industry image processing capabilities might be used to monitor quality of processes and products. In the security field, image processing jobs go to engineers who create and optimize surveillance software.


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