What Are the Different Types of Ice Cream Bars?

G. Wiesen

Different types of ice cream bars are usually based on various types of ice cream or similar frozen treats that can be captured in an easy-to-eat form. Many of these bars consist of one or more types of ice cream that is shaped into a bar or rectangle and coated in hard chocolate. There are also a number of these ice cream bars that are created in a similar way, but are placed on a stick so that they can be handled and eaten more easily. Other types of bars can be created by freezing candy, or by using ingredients other than ice cream and preparing them as a bar.

Many ice cream bars include peanuts.
Many ice cream bars include peanuts.

Some of the most common ice cream bars are those that can be easily held by hand and eaten without other utensils. These are typically made by creating a bar or rectangle of ice cream; different companies often choose a wide range of flavors for this. The ice cream is then dipped or coated in chocolate that is made to harden quickly when exposed to cold. This creates a fairly hard, protective outer layer for these ice cream bars, which can be bitten into or cracked open to eat the chocolate and the frozen treat within.

The most common ice cream bars are those that can be easily held by hand and eaten without other utensils.
The most common ice cream bars are those that can be easily held by hand and eaten without other utensils.

There are also similar types of ice cream bars that can be made in much the same way, but they are created around a stick. The ice cream at the center of these treats is shaped into a bar, rectangle, or oval around one end of a wooden stick. This is then dipped in or coated with the same type of chocolate as other ice cream bars, which hardens and protects the inner custard. The stick makes these types of bars easier to hold and eat, and many companies apply peanuts, candy, or sprinkles to the chocolate before it hardens for an additional treat.

Different types of ice cream bars can also be made using candy and other types of treats to provide additional flavor for the dessert. A candy bar, for example, can be made by using common inner ingredients, combined with ice cream, and then encased in chocolate. This creates a dessert that is similar to the standard version of such a candy bar, but includes ice cream for an additional treat. Frozen desserts similar to ice cream bars can also be made using fruit juice and other flavored liquids; these are often referred to as ice pops, which can provide a healthy alternative to ice cream.

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I remember the mad dash to canteen at church camp during the summers. My favorite frozen bar was the Welch's Grape Juice popsicle. Since it was a church camp, we thought we were being really witty when we called them "communion popsicles." We weren't being sacrilegious; we just thought it was funny. Our tastes were eclectic, though. About the only thing we wouldn't eat were the banana-flavored bars. Those were icky.

I still like the frozen juice bars better than just about any other frozen treat. Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than one of those juice bars. They are really good and refreshing.


One of my favorite ice cream bars has to be the strawberry shortcake bar. I can't remember who made it, but I used to get it at summer camp all the time.

The bar was coated on the outside with soft graham crumbs. It was vanilla ice cream with a strawberry ripple middle. They were wonderful, and it was always a fight at canteen to get to them before they were all gone.

There was also the chocolate eclair bar, which was the same idea, but with chocolate in the middle. Those were great, too. We didn't turn those down, either.

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