What are the Different Types of Hypnosis Certification?

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There are three main types of hypnosis certification: basic, advanced, and neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP. These may differ slightly depending on geographic location, but most areas offer at least one of these three fundamental approaches to hypnotherapy accreditation. When choosing a hypnosis education, it is important to find an accredited hypnosis training course in order to learn and meet all the requirements of regional certification.

The basic hypnosis certification is ideal for beginners in the field. Those who have no hypnotherapist training or previous experience in the industry tend to choose basic certification first; in fact, most areas require basic certification before other types of hypnosis training certification can be obtained. A typical basic certification course might entail the fundamentals of the practice, the various induction methods, how to move a client deeper into the hypnotic state, and sample scripts to utilize that can better guide a client through the process.

With advanced hypnosis certification, a hypnotherapist is required to demonstrate additional skills and knowledge that build off the information gleaned when learning hypnosis at the basic level of certification. This stage of training is much more intense than the previous one. Traditional advanced hypnosis certification classes involve more detailed inductions and deepenings, further examples of appropriate scripts, and analyses of case studies.


NLP hypnosis certification is the most intense level of training and accreditation that many regions offer. A complex approach to hypnotherapy, NLP is based on the idea that neurological impulses — hearing, sight, smell, sound, and touch — are the root of all behavior. The brain subconsciously absorbs, codes, and utilizes data gained through these processes; in NLP, the brain is "reprogrammed" to eradicate the negative data. NLP certification ensures that a hypnotherapist has met the demands of this very specific treatment. A standard certification course in NLP will include advice on how to guide clients through unresolved trauma, confront crippling fears and phobias, and learn the best methods for living an empowered life.

Hypnosis certification of any kind also ensures that an individual possesses the appropriate emotional and mental well-being to treat clients. Since most clientele will seek out hypnotherapy to deal with intensely personal and highly emotional issues, the hypnotherapist needs to function as a calm port in a raging storm. Certification procedures help guarantee that a hypnosis professional has both the skill set and sensitivity to ply their chosen trade.


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