What are the Different Types of Hygiene Equipment?

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There are few better places to pick up germs and bacteria than in the workplace. Taking steps to install or make available hygiene equipment in the workplace can go a long way toward preventing the spread of infectious diseases and bacteria. Hand sanitizing stations are a relatively new option for hygiene equipment, and they are a convenient way to combat germs and bacteria on computer keyboards, copying machines, and phones. Making tissues readily available an also help spread illnesses, as can making sanitary wipes or paper towels on combination with a sanitary spray to clean office equipment regularly.

In bathrooms, hygiene equipment is common but often ignored. Toilet seat covers, for example, are a great way to prevent the spread of bacteria on public toilets. These covers can be stored in dispensers in each toilet stall, and most covers are designed to be flushed down the toilet like toilet paper. Other hygiene equipment in the bathroom include hands-free dryers that reduce paper waste from paper towels, and hands-free sinks that are activated by a motion sensor. Such sinks can reduce water consumption as well, as the sink does not activate unless the hands are placed in the path of the sensor.


Hand sanitizing stations are pieces of hygiene equipment that can go a long way toward the prevention of disease and bacteria spreading. Computer keyboards and mouse units tend to collect bacteria more than most other areas in the office, so using hand sanitizer regularly can help prevent transmitting that bacteria to other people, or to other objects. These, too, can include motion sensors that will dole out only a certain amount of sanitizer, thereby eliminating waste and preventing people from actually touching the unit. Hand sanitizers are alcohol-based and the gel dries quickly, making them a convenient way to wash one's hands without a trip to the bathroom.

Creating a cleaning station in the office is a great way to promote cleanliness as well. Spray bottles and rolls of paper towels are simple versions of hygiene equipment, but when the spray bottle is filled with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution, office workers can spray down keyboards, mouse units, desks and tabletops, and other office equipment to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of illnesses. All office workers should be careful with spray bottles, however, as not all office machines should be sprayed with a solution. The moisture can damage some equipment and render it useless if not carefully cleaned and maintained.


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