What Are the Different Types of Human Resource Management Courses?

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Human resource management courses, often abbreviated as HRM, are intended to fully prepare students to become human resource managers or professionals. They are given in a wide range of subjects, from the basic aspects of human resources such as hiring and training personnel, to more complex topics like ensuring diversity in the workplace, how to manage the physical aspects of the workplace, and how to supervise and interact with employees. Human resource management courses are available in both undergraduate and graduate programs; in general, someone who wants to become a human resources manager in all but the smallest companies will often choose to pursue a master's degree.

Often, a large portion of human resource management courses are focused on developing policies that will be effective for the workplace. These policies will typically need to correspond with certain laws, as there are many labor laws in countries around the world designed to ensure that employees experience a workplace that is safe and free of discrimination. It is the job of the human resource manager to ensure that these policies are developed properly and enforced. In addition, there are a number of human resource management courses in the best way to interview, select, and hire employees. Following that, courses in employee training and supervision are often given.


All of these courses are important to ensure that a human resources manager knows how to foster positive employee relations and a positive working environment, as well as the importance of having a diverse workforce. Human resource management courses in benefits packages, such as health insurance or paid time off, for example, are important as well. These may also be part of policy design, as it is often the job of the human resources manager to select the benefits that will be available to employees of the company.

For students taking more advanced human resource management courses, they often find that the courses are based more on theory than direct practice. For instance, various theories and models of leadership are often taught in advanced courses, both for human resource professionals to use themselves, and to share with other managers. Information on organizational behavior and leading larger teams of professionals is also often provided in these courses. For individuals pursuing an academic career, courses in research are often given, as well as various important issues such as different cultures in the workplace, or the best ways to design new jobs.


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