What are the Different Types of Human Growth Hormone Stimulators?

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The four types of human growth hormone (HGH) stimulators are injections, sprays, releasers, and patches. These enhancers use a chemical secreted by the pituitary gland to promote the production of naturally occurring human growth hormone. The natural production of HGH by the human body is highest during puberty and the developing years of young adults, but as the person ages the level of HGH production is greatly diminished. Human growth hormones help to reduce the signs of aging and increase muscle growth and energy levels. The hormone also stimulates metabolism and reduces fat storage.

Human growth hormone stimulator injections are available with a prescription, and some injections contain a synthetic form of HGH for use during hormone replacement therapy. Initially developed for use by children who had growth disorders, injections are now available for others to benefit from its anti-aging and muscle growth properties. Injections are the most expensive type of stimulators available on the market, and most people take the injections three times a day to benefit from the chemicals.

HGH sprays are the most popular stimulators because of the product’s ease of use, and they are available to people without a prescription. Sprays contain a homeopathic human growth hormone formula. There are few side effects associated with this form of human growth hormone stimulators.


Releasers contain amino acids and vitamins to stimulate the body’s production of HGH after it is processed through the digestive system. This stimulator comes in pill, capsule, tablet, or powder formula, and does not contain the HGH hormone. It is recommended to take releasers right before going to sleep. These pills are composed of natural vitamins and herbs, so there are very few side effects associated with taking releasers.

HGH patches are another way for the body to absorb human growth hormone stimulators. The patches provide a constant flow of chemicals to the body to promote the production of HGH, and it is helpful for some people who have trouble remembering to administer the other forms of human growth hormone stimulators. There is some debate as to whether the patch is a good option for HGH production, as the body does not naturally produce HGH constantly throughout the day.

Side effects of human growth hormone stimulators can be severe if a person uses more than the recommended daily amount or if they take the stimulators for an extended period of time. Achy joints, swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, hyperglycemia, and acromegaly are some side effects of the hormone stimulators. Other conditions that can appear as a result of misuse of the HGH stimulators include turgor complex, tumor growth, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


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