What Are the Different Types of Housing Manager Jobs?

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Different types of housing manager jobs include the management of different types of properties, including multi-unit buildings, subdivisions and gated communities, and university housing. In some cases, housing manager jobs involve living in or on the property that a person manages, while other housing managers live off-site. A housing manager may have a desk job in which he primarily directs the management of a property by overseeing maintenance employees, though some managers may perform janitorial and maintenance services themselves. Some housing manager jobs are salaried positions that involve providing comprehensive services to a large community. Part-time housing management duties may also be assumed by a tenant in exchange for a reduction in rent.

Professional housing managers typically work for a property management company or for a landlord. The exact duties of a housing manager vary by property and employer but typically involve screening tenant applicants, arranging for building maintenance and repairs, and ensuring that rents are paid on time. In some housing manager jobs, particularly those that involve the management of public housing or housing for the elderly or disabled, a housing manager may have to take on significant regulatory compliance duties. This may involve a review of pertinent housing regulations and a fair amount of paperwork demonstrating that his properties are in compliance with these rules.


Other variations in duties may largely depend on the types of facilities available on a property. For example, in some multi-unit buildings or subdivisions, there is a fair amount of green and recreational space that requires maintenance. A housing manager may assume responsibility for hiring landscapers or may perform this maintenance work himself. It is not unusual for housing managers to have some background in maintenance, construction, or other building-related services so that they can address problems or knowledgeably hire appropriate professionals.

Not all housing managers work full time, and in some cases they do not receive an actual paycheck for their services. Some landlords prefer to not have to hire a property management company to oversee their properties. Instead, they ask responsible tenants, often those who have been in their building for a while, to assume management duties. The job duties of these resident managers can vary considerably and may include basic maintenance work, collecting rents, and reporting more serious problems to the landlord or to the landlord's approved contractors. In this type of arrangement, a tenant will typically receive a significant discount on his rent in exchange for his services.


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