What Are the Different Types of Hotel Receptionist Jobs?

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The different types of hotel receptionist jobs generally include general reception duties such as answering phones to provide customer service and reserve rooms as well as office support or administrative positions. A hotel receptionist may not spend all of his or her time on the phone but also attending to various other tasks within the establishment, including general office duties. Greeters and hotel receptionists tasked with customer service may assist customers in renting and finding their rooms and guarantee the comfort of their stay. Depending on the size of the hotel, an individual employed as a hotel receptionist may have additional duties.

Hotel receptionist jobs that fall under the category of general support usually involve answering phones and reserving rooms within the establishment. The phone system may be a multi-line setup and might be very busy during peak hours, particularly at very large hotels. Payments may be taken over the phone, and receptionists will often coordinate with upper management to guarantee customer satisfaction. Hotel receptionist jobs of this type often require that receptionists work late hours and may require that employees wear a uniform or follow a dress code.


Persons employed as greeters or lobby attendants generally have the most face-to-face interaction with hotel customers. Hotel receptionist jobs that involve customer service of this type usually require employees to maintain an upbeat, friendly demeanor when assisting patrons. The receptionist may also help the client to find his or her room, check to make sure that everything is satisfactory and that the customer has everything they need, and resolve any other issues as necessary. It is possible for these kind of hotel receptionist jobs to include answering phones during busy days.

Receptionists at smaller hotels often have a more varied set of duties than those at larger establishments with more staff. Hotel receptionist jobs in hotels such as these may require the receptionist to interact with room service employees or the cleaning staff, effectively doubling as an administrator or manager. In addition to having general office skills, such as basic computer operation, fax machine use, billing, and mailing, these kinds of hotel receptionists frequently interact with customers. In the event of a late night problem, an unsatisfactory room, or other problem, the receptionist will often be the only employee present and be responsible for resolving ensuring that customers receive adequate assistance and service in these circumstances.


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