What Are the Different Types of Hotel Industry Jobs?

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It takes a well trained staff to make a hotel operational and pleasant for guests, so many hotel industry jobs exist to ensure such smooth operations. Hotel managers are usually highest on the career ladder, and they are responsible for the general management of staff and facilities. He or she will delegate responsibilities to a variety of workers, from maintenance crews to front office staff. Other hotel industry jobs may include reservation specialists, chefs, wait staff, lifeguards, cleaning staff and management, accountants, lawyers, guest services employees, valet parking attendants, and much more.

In some hotels, specific activities may require the filling of other hotel industry jobs, such as games dealers, events coordinators, and bartenders. Hotels that feature casinos will hire various dealers to attend to table games, security personnel to monitor activities within the hotel and casino, and cashiers who will manage the money that comes into and goes out of the casino area. Events coordinators may be responsible for setting up convention areas for vendors, attending to various client needs, organizing catering needs or parking services, and much more. Hotels with extensive grounds or convention centers will often hire one or more events coordinators to handle special functions.


Just about all hotels feature hotel industry jobs that focus on maintenance and cleanliness. A cleaning staff, for example, will ensure each room is tended to daily or before a customer will inhabit it. Cleaning crews will be responsible for maintaining room cleanliness as well as the cleanliness of common areas such as lobbies, lounges, bars, and exercise rooms. Laundry services may be done on site, or linens from rooms may be shipped out to a laundry facility where they can be cleaned and returned to the hotel in a timely manner. Maintenance workers are in charge of ensuring all facilities are in proper working order; if certain elements of the facility break down or require repair, maintenance personnel will attend to it. Groundskeepers will similarly tend to the grounds of a hotel, often manicuring plant life and ensuring the landscape is presentable for guests.

Many hotel industry jobs focus on restaurant or bar management. Chefs, sous chefs, servers, dishwashers, maitre d's, bartenders, and busboys may all work in a hotel restaurant or bar. Bar backs are employees that will maintain a bar area, especially during busier hours, to ensure glassware is clean and liquor bottles are full and ready for use by the bartender.


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The hospitality industry does have a lot of jobs available. However, hotel jobs are not for everyone. Most of the positions require that you work with the public. If you are not a people person, or cannot at least fake it then this is not the industry for you.

Post 2

We have all heard the stories about college graduates being unable to find jobs in their chosen fields after leaving school. If you are concerned about landing a job and starting your career then you should consider majoring in a field in the hotel industry.

There are more traditional schools offering degrees in hotel industry positions, and you can also earn a hotel related degree online. Even when the economy stalls, hotels tend to do okay, especially when compared to other industries.

Post 1

You may be surprised to know how much service people in the hotel industry can earn. I worked at a resort in the housekeeping department during summer vacations from college and when we cleaned rooms we were paid a flat rate for each room we cleaned.

We earned the same amount for cleaning a room whether the guests were staying over for another night or they had checked out. With stay overs, we were able to clean the rooms quickly and make a good amount of money. We also got decent tips from the guests, so at that time I was making more money than I ever had in my life. It was very good pay for a summer job.

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