What Are the Different Types of Hotel Amenities?

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In general, the different hotel amenities include shops, services and supplies. The exact amenities will vary greatly among different hotels. The most expensive hotels tend to have the most guest amenities, while budget accommodations often have only the basics.

All hotels supply guests with towels and linen. Many hotel establishments provide extra blankets as well as an ice bucket and drinking glasses. Most hotels have ice machines available for guests to help themselves for free. There are often pay vending machines for snacks as well. Other common amenities include an in-room mini bar and a coffee maker as well as small bottles of shampoo and lotion. Fancier hotels supply guests with fluffy terry cloth robes and perhaps slippers and/or an assortment of fine soaps.

While even budget hotels tend to have an in-room television for guests, higher priced accommodation may include a game player system as well as free movie channels. Mini kitchenettes that include a small fridge and microwave are popular in-room hotel amenities through all budget ranges of accommodations. In-room Internet access is another popular hotel amenity.


Room service food delivery from the kitchen is a standard amenity, but not all hotels offer it 24 hours a day. Laundry service in which hotel staff take guests' garments to be cleaned is common in higher end hotels. A nightly turn down service in which the top part of the bedding is prepared for sleeping and a mint is placed on the pillow is a luxury amenity usually appreciated by guests. In accommodations that allows dogs, dog walking services are often available. Dog sitting and babysitting are other types of service-oriented amenities.

Some hotels offer kids programs that may include arts and crafts as well as sports activities. While swimming pools are common amenities at hotels, not all have spa facilities. Many hotels have brochure stands of popular tourist attractions in the area and will help guests plan day trips. Hotel amenities at many establishments located in a tourist area often include a shuttle bus to nearby attractions.

Hotel shops may include fashion and gift stores as well as a hair salon. Restaurants are common amenities and larger properties may have more than one eatery. A typical mix of restaurant hotel amenities includes a steak house, coffee shop and fine dining establishment.


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Post 2

I agree completely with previous comment. It really must be a small investment for the hotels but it can make a massive difference to your stay if they make you feel a bit pampered. I had a quick look on online and there are some great products from what seem like respectable companies.

It's a shame really, as you said. I am sure a set of decent hotel toiletries would go for less than a buck and we end up paying 200 bucks for the room and end up using some nondescript liquid from a plastic dispenser.

Post 1

I couldn't agree more. Hotels need to provide more and more amenities to set themselves apart and show a higher standard of accommodation. Some companies offer many such amenities, but sadly, many hotel owners fail to understand what a huge impact such a small investment would have.

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