What Are the Different Types of Horse Decor?

Lori Kilchermann

Horse decor options are available from floor to ceiling, including wall decals, etched mirrors and handmade rugs. Hanging chandeliers feature horses, as do ceiling fans and wall murals. Copper sink bases are available with embossed horses, and shower curtains and assorted bathroom items are also offered. Equestrian-inspired wall hooks, dinnerware and bedroom linens are additional decor options.

Hanging chandeliers feature horse decor.
Hanging chandeliers feature horse decor.

In the kitchen, a hanging pot rack featuring horses is available to hang from the ceiling. Dishes adorned with horses, including plates, cups and saucers, can be used to set the table or on shelves as decorations. Canisters, paper towel holders and salt and pepper shakers are also available in horse decor themes. Serving platters and silverware featuring horses can be displayed, along with floor rugs and napkin rings. The horse-inspired kitchen look can be completed with horse-themed cabinet handles and knobs, along with light switch plates and a horse-themed tile backsplash on the wall behind a sink or stove.

Equestrian-inspired bathroom decorations include towel holders, towels and toilet seats. Tooled leather towel bars and vanity sets featuring horse heads are available. Other horse decor bathroom items include tissue box holders, soap pumps and soap dishes. Shower curtains are offered featuring a variety of horse themes, from a lone horse to a stampeding herd. Copper sink basins embossed with horses can add a Western feel to a room, along with a horse tooth brush holder and toilet paper holder.

Bedroom horse decor includes sheets, blankets and comforters. Curtains, rugs and wall hangings are also available in horse themes. Horse-inspired wallpaper, murals and wall decals can be used as a backdrop for bedroom horse decor. Nightlights, door stops and wastebaskets are also available in horse themes. Horse-shaped pillows, paintings and mirrors can also add to the horse decor theme.

Rooms for children can feature horse decor, including cloth wall hangings, mobiles and quilts. Horse-inspired banks, clocks and toy chests are also offered. The traditional rocking horse can be displayed to add whimsy to any room, or it can be a functional toy for a child. Crib sets, model horses and jewelry boxes are also available.

Table lamps, hanging lights and lampshades are available in horse themes. Horse decor options include wall sconces, and horses also serve as bases for lamps and tables. Ceiling fans can feature horses, as can ceiling fan pulls. Horse figurines and statues are available in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic and porcelain. Decorative plates and tins featuring horse scenes are also available.

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I once renovated a home that had this absolutely hideous horse themed wallpaper all over the first floor. It was a repeating pattern of a huge very detailed horse raising it's front legs up in a bucking motion.

It was once of those wall paper patters that is just plain hard to look at no matter what you feel about the subject it depicts. The colors were weird, the spacing was weird and the effect of having it everywhere made for one of the ugliest interior design choices I have ever come across. The first project was ripping out the wall paper.


I love oil paintings of horses and I have seven of them displayed throughout my home. They range from a very large 4' x 7' picture I have of mustangs running across a prairie to a tiny picture of a foal drinking from a stream that hangs in my bathroom.

I have always been fascinated by horses. I was never that crazy about riding them but I could look at them all day long. There is something about their faces and their musculature that has always held my attention. I figure that it is my home and I like horses so that is what I am going to put on my walls.


I actually used to know a guy that had a very large stuffed horse in his house. He was not a huge horse guy and did not have any connection to the horse that had been stuffed. He just thought it looked cool and different and it was definitely a conversation starter. I didn't even know it was possible to stuff a horse but I guess if it has skin and once drew breath it is possible to stuff.

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