What are the Different Types of Home Theater Decor?

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The dream of many a movie buff is to have a personalized home theater. Turning a little-used den or even extra bedroom into a home theater can be a great project for the whole family. Though the hardware of sound systems and projection units is a critical part of the room, don't forget to give consideration to the many different types of home theater decor. With a little forethought and some selective shopping, a basic movie-viewing room can become a home theater fit for the stars.

Some home theater decor styles focus on recreating the movie theater experience. Look for row seats that have built in cup-holders and removable armrests to mimic theater seating. Homemade velvet curtains can help mimic the plush draperies of the professional theater; try after-Christmas sales at fabric stores for good deals on velvet. Consider adding a wheeled popcorn cart or even a velvet rope line outside the door to set the mood.

Home theater decor can also mimic the grand days of Hollywood's Golden Age. The early Los Angeles movie theaters were sumptuously decorated, often using exotic decor inspirations from around the world. Pay homage to the famed Grauman's Chinese Theater by painting walls a deep red, adding some Chinese scrolls or paintings, and using Chinese lanterns for lighting. Or, evoke the spooky grandeur of the original Egyptian Theater in Hollywood by stenciling walls in hieroglyphs, and using chaise lounges and piled carpets for seating.


Some of the best home theater decor styles take their inspiration from favorite film styles. Create a tribute to the early days of cinema by using art-deco inspired furnishings, hanging black and white film posters, and making large silhouette cut-outs of dapper gents and elegant dames for the walls. Immerse viewers in a French art house aesthetic by replacing row seats with overstuffed shabby sofas and wing chairs, accompanied by individual tables and funky lamps. Salute adventure films by covering walls with rope nets, adding treasure-chest tables, and perching a stuffed tiger or rubber snake in a threatening location.

Home theater decor is a great way to express creativity through decorating. In what is meant to be a fun room, going a little wild with the decorations can always be forgiven. Creating an inviting and exciting movie-viewing space can be a great way to encourage family events and movie parties, and may even improve the movie watching experience. By building a concentrated area just for film, it may be easier to concentrate and enjoy a great flick without being subject to the million distractions of any other room.


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