What are the Different Types of Home Security Equipment?

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There is a vast array of home security equipment available to fit any budget. A homeowner can install dead bolts and security lights for inexpensive yet effective protection. Another option for homeowners is to hire professionals to install a complex, computerized system that will alert law enforcement and security personnel of any breach in security. Door and window alarms, motion sensors and security cameras are important components of home security equipment that can help prevent burglary and home invasion. Pool alarms are also available to notify the owner if a child or unauthorized person is in a swimming pool.

There are many types of door and window alarms available that range from the very simple to the extremely complex. The easiest type of door or window alarm to install is one that sounds a loud warning when the window or door is opened. The more complex systems may have control panels and computer programs that will monitor the pressure of the glass. If someone breaks the glass, an alarm will sound, and/or the security monitoring company and police department might be notified, depending on whether a commercial security monitoring system has been installed.


The goal of home security equipment is to prevent or deter an invader from entering the home, so motion detectors can be placed on the outside of the house. Wireless driveway alarms that will send a signal to indicate the presence of an intruder are easy to install. Motion sensor lights will give a visual indication that something is moving in the yard. The most advanced systems provide motion detection both inside and outside the home and are sensitive enough to differentiate between the motion of a person and that of a small animal.

Surveillance cameras can be installed both inside and outside the home. These are often used in combination with motion sensors. With this combination of home security equipment, the cameras will record only when motion is detected, saving both time and storage.

Some people place fake home security signs on their property to fool thieves into thinking that a security system has been installed. Fake security cameras and other non-working devices are also available as a deterrent to burglary and home invasion. These inexpensive measures might discourage some thieves, but a sensor that has a loud alarm to scare off any potential burglars is more effective. The most effective home security equipment is installed by a professional and employs a monitoring system to alert the police and home security service when there is a problem.


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Post 3

In reference to home security equipment, one thing you should always remember is that just because a version of the equipment is expensive, doesn't mean that it's always better. In fact, I find that some of the cheaper versions have more benefits. While the upgraded ones are said to have more advancements, some of the features might not be up to par with what the advertiser promises (such as in commercials, for example).

Post 2

@RoyalSpyder - While you do bring up a good point, there are also exceptions to this rule, especially in Chicago. People won't always wait until it's nighttime to invade someone's home. In fact, sometimes, they'll even wait until you're out of the house (such as at work) before making a move. Some people seem to wonder how they know when to strike. Well, burglars are a lot more intelligent than you think. Sometimes, they might sit outside a neighborhood for weeks on end, observing people, and checking their schedules. When the victim leaves for work, that's when they might attempt a break in.

Post 1

When it comes to the different types of home security, in my opinion, if it has an alarm or any similar features, it's better to activate it at night than during the day. After all, because most home robbers don't want to be seen, they are usually seen dressing in black, and attempting to break in during the late hours of the night.

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