What are the Different Types of Home Air Purifier?

Harriette Halepis

Air purifiers effectively remove debris that can be found inside of a home. Selecting a home air purifier is often a matter of knowing what kind of purifier will work best inside of your house. There are numerous types of purifiers on the market, and getting to know a bit about these purifiers is the best way to become an informed shopper.

An air purifier.
An air purifier.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) home air purifiers easily catch tobacco, pollen, dust, and most other types of debris that may be floating around. HEPA purifiers are preferred by people who suffer from severe allergies, since they are highly effective. A HEPA filter made from charcoal is placed above a high-velocity fan in order to catch any pollutants.

Ionized air systems charge oxygen atoms, enabling their to form toxic ozone molecules.
Ionized air systems charge oxygen atoms, enabling their to form toxic ozone molecules.

Ion purifiers work differently than HEPA purifiers, though these units are also very effective. Negatively charged ions are released into the air when an ion home purifier is turned on. These ions immediately begin to attract debris, which is then knocked out of the air and onto your home's various surfaces. Once an ion purifier has had time to work, you can simply wipe away or vacuum grounded debris.

Unlike ion and HEPA purifiers, there is some controversy surrounding the once popular ozone home air purifier. This type of purifier sends ozone into the air, which then eliminates debris from an environment. The problem is that ozone purifiers produce harmful chemicals once ozone reacts with air pollutants.

A home air purifier that works throughout your entire home is called an all-home purifier. These devices are often integrated into the structure of a home, and they work to clean every room inside of your house. While effective at cleaning up air evenly, these purifiers are not as strong as individual devices. The one advantage of an all-home purifier is that these machines are out of sight, which is often aesthetically appealing.

Before purchasing any kind of home air purifier, make sure to read manufacturing details. Purifiers may look the same, but they are all quite different. In addition, a manufacturer's warranty should be attached to any purifier that you purchase. This way, you can easily replace your purifier if it breaks. Since purifiers are used on a daily basis, purchasing one that has a five year warranty, or more, is a good idea. The basic shape and size of a home air purifier will vary from model to model, so make sure to shop around.

HEPA filters can be beneficial for allergy sufferers.
HEPA filters can be beneficial for allergy sufferers.

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