What Are the Different Types of Holistic Physical Therapy?

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There are many different types of holistic physical therapy treatments available for individuals seeking an alternative approach to healing that don't revolve around the use of medications. Pilates and yoga are two exercises that are popular in holistic physical therapy, as they promote flexibility and strength without adding unnecessary stress to the body like traditional exercise. Natural anti-inflammatories such as turmeric and cinnamon are popular additions to a healthy diet promoted in holistic forms of healing. Many doctors agree that holistic practices are helpful for many people, yet there are times when proper medical advice should be taken alongside alternative approaches.

Physical therapy is an essential component in an overall healing program to regain strength and independence that may have been temporarily lost due to an accident or illness. With holistic physical therapy, patients are often treated under a natural healing model that comprises a healthy exercise program and proper diet. An exercise like Pilates is a very popular tool used by many holistic therapy practitioners to help the body gain strength. Yoga is also an important exercise that helps promote overall flexibility in the muscles and joints and can help relieve stress.


Changing the diet is another type of holistic therapy associated with helping the body renew and heal itself without the side effects or interactions caused by many medications. Most physical therapists who specialize in holistic treatment help a patient devise an anti-inflammatory diet, using foods that have been shown to suppress inflammation and pain. Common additions to the diet are turmeric and cinnamon, spices that have been shown to have a high amount of anti-inflammatory activity. In severe cases of pain, it is suggested that further methods be reached, like conventional pharmaceutical medications, to help fight inflammation and to ease unnecessary suffering.

Many doctors do agree that these different types of holistic physical therapy can play a role in helping patients regain their independence and health. Both holistic and conventional medical doctors also agree that patients who have a severe case of physical trauma may require additional medical intervention that holistic therapy may not provide. These interventions may include medications, such as more powerful anti-inflammatory drugs, or surgery if the case is truly severe. Although holistic physical therapy treatment can be very helpful for many different people, it should not be relied on as the only source of physical therapy treatment or used exclusively on its own without proper medical advice.


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