What Are the Different Types of Hijab Styles?

Laura M. Sands

Among the different types of hijab styles are traditional, couture and modern. A woman may also create her own hijab style while experimenting with different fabric types and ornamental decorations. Some hijab fashions may also vary according to what part of the world they are being worn in.

Hijabs are head coverings worn by Muslim women.
Hijabs are head coverings worn by Muslim women.

Hijabs are head coverings worn by Muslim women who prefer a conservative style in which the head is completely covered whenever a woman is in public. Scarves or shawls may be used to cover the head, but many hijab styles are specifically designed and purchased for this purpose. While many women choose to wear a hijab in public, there are some parts of the world where wearing a hijab is mandatory.

Not all Muslimas choose to wear a headscarf or veil, but many do.
Not all Muslimas choose to wear a headscarf or veil, but many do.

Just as with other articles of women’s clothing, the styles and types of hijabs worn may vary from one woman to another. Many prefer a basic hijab not intended to make a particular fashion statement, but worn strictly for covering the head. Other women prefer what some refer to as a high fashion or luxury hijab. Many women purchase a new hijab to accompany different outfits while others may wear the same basic styles on a daily basis or even buy a used hijab when an old one needs to be replaced.

Fashion designers who specialize in hijab styles create coverings from different fabrics such as silk and polyester blends which are featured in a variety of colors, patterns and prints. Some hijabs are fastened into place beneath the chin, while others are secured behind the neck or are wrapped in a turban-like style around the head. Other adornments, such as beads and jewels, are also sometimes added to create different hijab fashion statements. Many such designs are featured in couture fashion shows and sold in high-end stores.

Women often select hijab styles according to what else will be worn on the body while in public. Many women wear an abaya, which is another Muslim style of dress that is made to cover a woman’s entire body from the neck down. Abayas also come in a variety of different styles and colors, and hijabs are sometimes worn to match these. Not all women wear the abaya with hijab styles, however, as many opt to wear pants and other styles of dress while choosing to still cover the head.

The region where a woman lives may also factor into the type of hijab she wears. In conservative areas, hijab styles tend to be more traditional. Many are featured in solid, dark colors like black and blue or in prints that do not attract much attention. In other areas, however, particularly among young and fashion-forward women, hijabs may be featured in bright colors and flamboyant prints. High-end designer scarves, wraps and shawls that are sold in mainstream department stores are also sometimes used to create hijab styles.

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