What Are the Different Types of High Calorie Supplements?

Kathleen Howard

High calorie supplements, often referred to as weight gain supplements, are dietary supplements designed to provide users with additional calories and nutrition. There are several types of high calorie supplements. These supplements are available as shake powders, premixed high calorie shakes, and nutritional bars. Tasteless powders are also available for people who would rather add calories to their regular meals. While all of these supplements are designed to provide users with calories, many also contain fat, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Various high calorie supplements.
Various high calorie supplements.

The most common high calorie supplements are shake powders. These powders can usually be added to milk, juice or water to create convenient high calorie drinks. To choose a healthy shake powder, consumers should evaluate the nutritional content of the product, instead of choosing one that solely provides a high number of calories. These supplements should not be rich in saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol or sugar. While many consumers assume that all dietary supplements are healthy, this is not always the case with high calorie supplements.

High calorie supplements often come in powder form.
High calorie supplements often come in powder form.

High calorie drinks are also available. These drinks are usually around the size of a regular soft drink, but may also come as small shots. High calorie shots are ideal for consumers who tend to feel very full after drinking a heavy shake. Just like with shake powders, consumers should pay careful attention to what these drinks contain.

Protein bars can also be used as high calorie supplements. While protein bars will not usually contain as many calories as a shake, they can be beneficial for consumers who only need a few hundred extra calories a day. Other high calorie foods like jelly beans and gels are also available. These foods can be used alone or in combination with high calorie shakes to add variety to one’s diet.

Consumers who have a difficult time adding shakes or additional foods to their diet can use tasteless high calorie powders. These supplements can be added to one’s food to increase the calorie content of the meal. Tasteless dietary powders are available both over the counter and by prescription. Consumers who have lost their appetite due to a health problem should consult their physician to determine whether a high calorie powder might be beneficial.

In addition to providing calories, many supplements provide vitamins, protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Users who intend to use high calorie supplements as meal replacements will want to choose a well-balanced product. Even people who consume a healthy diet should carefully evaluate their choice of supplement. Although many supplements are nutritionally balanced, some are nothing more than fat, calories and sugar. Choosing a well-rounded supplement will help consumers increase their caloric intake, while providing the vitamins and nutrients required to support their health.

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