What Are the Different Types of Henna Products?

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There are many types of henna products, all designed to take advantage of the plant’s unique and beneficial properties. Henna hair dyes are a natural alternative to harsh, chemical hair dyes that can cause adverse reactions in some users. Shampoos and conditioners that contain henna can make the hair healthier and stronger. Many prefer temporary henna tattoos, which are also called mendhi or mehndi, to permanent tattoos. Weak or brittle fingernails will benefit from nail products that contain henna, which will make them stronger and less prone to breaking, splitting, and chipping.

For centuries, henna products have been used as a natural hair dye. Henna contains tannin, which can naturally change the color of the hair, though results will depend on what color an individual’s hair is before the henna paste is applied. If someone has blond hair, henna will turn her hair a true red, or perhaps strawberry blond. Someone with dark brown hair, on the other hand, might end up with dark, reddish-brown hair, or subtle red highlights that can only be seen in the sunlight. Those with gray hair should take care when using henna; if the henna paste isn’t applied correctly, or if substandard or impure henna is used, the hair can turn out a brash, orange color that some won’t find appealing.


Two other popular types of henna products for the hair are henna shampoo and henna conditioner. Using products that contain henna will make the hair stronger, softer, and healthier. Henna products can also help to prevent split ends, and make tangle-prone hair easier to comb through when wet. Also, henna has antifungal and antibacterial properties that make henna shampoo and conditioner the ideal choice for those suffering from certain types of scalp conditions. Many dandruff sufferers are advised to use henna hair care products, especially if the dandruff is caused by a skin condition like psoriasis.

Along with hair care products, there are also henna products for the nails and skin. Nail products that contain henna can change the color of the nails, make the nails stronger and less brittle, and help to prevent nail fungus. For those looking for a sun block free of chemicals and additives, henna can be used as a natural sun screen. Temporary tattoos can also be made using henna. Henna tattoos can either be applied by a henna tattoo artist, or an individual can apply them herself using an at-home henna tattoo kit.


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Post 3
I like henna shampoo. I have red hair and henna shampoo makes my hair color vibrant and shiny like I just had it dyed. I heard that henna is also very nourishing for hair, although I haven't used a henna shampoo long enough to confirm that.

I don't like henna dyes though, because the color comes out weird. It is natural, but it doesn't have the same effect as dyes. Henna shampoo is not like that though, I think it's a good product.

Post 2

@anamur-- Yea, we used them for my friend's henna night before her wedding. They're definitely easy to use and convenient but the color did not come out good. I think those henna cones wait in storage and stores for a long time and are not fresh for the most part.

It would be much better if you get henna powder and make the paste yourself at home. At least you'll know that the powder is fresh and the color will come out nice and dark.

If you make the paste a few days beforehand and leave it in the fridge, the color will be even darker.

Post 1

Has anyone tried the ready-made henna cones that they sell at Indian groceries? Do they work well?

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