What are the Different Types of Heated Slippers?

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There are a few basic types of heated slippers, such as slip-ons, booties and slipper socks. The best type of heated slipper for a person depends on personal preferences for comfort, style and level of warmth. While there are different types of heated slippers, they all serve the same purpose. The purpose of providing warmth and relaxing sensations for a person’s feet.

The foot is one of the most often used parts on the human body. It holds a vast array of weight amounts that change from moment to moment. For athletes or active people, feet are often a source of pain or discomfort. This pain or discomfort is as a result of the high amounts of use on the foot, foot muscles, nerves and tendons.

One of the most popular ways to relax a foot is through the use of heat. Heat is essential for calming pain caused by high impact activities or just being on your feet all day. The different types of heated slippers often combine aromatherapy scents with heat in order to give the best relaxation benefits.


Slip-on slippers are one of the most common types of heated slippers in the world. They are worn in different cultures and countries around the globe. When a slip-on slipper is heated, it has extra special benefits for the wearer. These benefits usually include a removable microwavable insert, which acts like a heat pad on the toes of the wearer. The heat provides comfort and relief for many different varieties of achy feet.

Not everyone likes a slip-on slipper, and for those people who prefer a different style of a heated slipper, there are bootie slippers. Booties are a full slipper, and they cover the entire foot. They also cover part of the ankle. Many bootie-style heated slippers are equipped with aromatherapy scents, and they are one size fits all. These slippers usually do not have inserts. Instead the entire slipper is heated to provide warmth.

If slip-on slippers and heated bootie style slippers are not made to a person’s liking, there are slipper socks. Heated slipper socks come with warmers that fit over the toes. These warmers are usually good for a few hours, and they work in a similar fashion as a hand warmer. No microwave is needed.

Whether you choose slip-ons, booties, or slipper socks to meet your need for heated slippers,it is important to remember a few key elements. The best heated slippers are easy to use, machine washable, they provide an adequate amount of heat and they can also be used for cold therapy treatments.


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Post 5

Does anyone know where to get some really good heated slippers for men?

It seems like all the heated slippers that I see are either the really girly womens heated slippers or else the kind of ugly massage ones.

I would really like to find a good pair of nice, heated, maybe sheepskin, slippers for men.

Do such things exist? After browsing through what seems like a thousand web pages, I can't seem to find any. Can anyone help me out with this?

Post 4

Oh, I love those things! I used to work at a spa where every person who got a facial got to wear heated gloves and heated massage slippers throughout the facial, and let me tell you, those things truly are fantastic.

It's one of those things that you would never think would be so amazingly relaxing, but it really is.

There's something about just that continuous, low level heat and gentle massage that really soothes your muscles, especially if you add in a nice relaxing aromatherapy pack too.

After trying those out a few times (when the customers weren't there, of course), I got so addicted to it that I ended up getting a pair of microwave heated womens slippers for myself -- they really are that addictive!

Post 3

OK, I have to confess -- I am utterly addicted to my heated slippers!

I used to be one of those people who always made fun of people who use things that you can find off of the home shopping network, but a friend gave me a pair of electric heated slippers one year as a gag gift, and ever since then I have been secretly in love with them.

They are the kind that go all the way up over your calves, and they even have some sort of little pouch where you can put aromatherapy crystals and oil packs.

They are so perfect for me because I spend almost all day on my feet, usually wearing

high heels, and by the end of the day, my feet and calves are killing me.

My secret indulgence is to come home, slip on my heated slippers and just veg -- so there, the secret's out. Seriously, if you guys haven't tried those things, they're amazing.

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