What are the Different Types of Hearing Impaired TV Systems?

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There are various types of TV systems designed for the deaf or hard of hearing. Although these devices are often referred to as hearing impaired systems, many individuals with hearing difficulties prefer being recognized as hard of hearing or deaf. Closed captioning works in conjunction with hearing impaired TV systems to make life easier for the deaf. Hearing impaired TV services and wireless gadgets that amplify sound are common methods as well.

Those who are hard of hearing may find it difficult to enjoy television because the sound may be distorted to their ears. This is because many televisions are not equipped with special features that allow individuals who are hard of hearing to hear the frequencies with clarity. To help with special needs of those with hearing loss, there are various hearing impaired TV systems available.

High performance speakers are devices that work with an existing television. Most of these speakers are multi-channel and connect via the television's input and output connections. These may offer a reduction in noise and low distortion of voice. High- and low-pitched frequencies are reproduced with greater clarity, enabling the hard of hearing to listen to television with greater ease.


Wireless headphones are another method of amplifying of sound through an infrared device or transmitter. This form of radiation produces an electromagnetic field of light and imaging, which transmits back to the base unit. Headphones designed for hard of hearing individuals can be used with TVs and other devices, such as stereos.

TV amplifiers that are part of hearing impaired TV systems generally work on rechargeable batteries. Most of these units have adjustable volume control. These are also infrared devices. These systems are able to reproduce sounds such as human voice and music.

Hearing loop kits can deliver crisp, clear sound. These typically do not require a recharger and can be utilized with what is referred to as a chair loop pad. Many individuals with hearing loss who wear a hearing aid find this to be a practical solution. This system sends a wireless transmission through the hearing aid's magnetic coil. Alternately, there are car seat loop kits that enable the hard of hearing to listen to music or portable TV while in a vehicle.


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It is great that there are now so many options to help deaf or hard-of-hearing people better enjoy something so many of us take for granted, watching television or listening to a stereo.

Relying on closed captioning alone is less than ideal. Because you spend a majority of the time looking at the words on the bottom of the screen, it is difficult to pay attention to what is actually going on in the movie or program.

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