What Are the Different Types of Hanging Chair Stands?

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Hanging chairs can be a comfortable piece of outdoor furniture to relax in. There are many different types of hanging chair stands, some of which are portable. Some may resemble a hook or arch on top. Many can be suspended from the top of a porch or patio. There are stands available for all different types of chairs, including wicker, canvas, and rope.

Most hanging chair stands are made from steel or aluminum. Some models may be wooden or heavy plastic. Chair stands could also have a metal frame, but contain a wooden bar with a hook to hang the accent chairs from.

One common style of chair stand resembles a tripod. This type is typically around 7.5 feet (2.29 m) high in the center. There may be a vertical support bar between two of the three legs. This type is often used for a canvas chair.

Other metal hanging chair stands are curved near the top. They might have four legs that are attached in an "x" pattern or three legs connected in a "u" shape. These types are commonly used to suspend wicker or canvas chairs.

Hanging chair stands do not have to be freestanding units. They can sometimes be attached to an outdoor ceiling. These types often resemble a triangular oversized clothes hanger. The sides may be made from metal, while the bar along the bottom can be either wood or steel. These stands for hanging chairs work best for hammock-style seating.


Some hanging chair stands allow these accent chairs to be easily transported. One type is made from steel and is designed to fit in the back of a pickup truck. There are two arched sections on either side of a center support beam, and two hanging chairs can be transported in this manner.

Most hanging chair stands are very lightweight and can be easily moved from place to place. Others may fold up so they can be taken along when traveling. Some are easily disassembled whenever they need to be moved, and these models also have the added benefit of taking up less room in a truck or van.

Stands can hold chairs for both adults and children. It can be very important to use the right kind of stand in order to make sure the chair will be properly supported. Making the right selection can help people enjoy their hanging chairs no matter what season.


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