What Are the Different Types of Handyman Jobs?

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A handyman possesses the skills to maintain and repair the interior and exterior of homes and commercial properties. Handyman jobs include carpentry, painting, and remodeling. Many handymen also have the skills required for simple electrical and plumbing work.

Handyman jobs often require the expertise to redo a room from the ground up. For example, kitchens and bathrooms are the parts of the home that are remodeled the most often and require a craftsperson with skills in many areas. If there has been a leak, a rotten subfloor may need to be replaced and covered with tile, carpet, linoleum, hardwood, or laminate flooring. Damaged walls may need to be replaced or repaired, and faulty plumbing replaced. Toilets and sinks may also have to be repaired or new ones installed.

In the kitchen, a handyman’s tasks can include the refacing, construction, and installation of cabinets. Countertops, sinks, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and ovens may need to be installed, and a versatile handyman will be able to perform simple repairs on some appliances as well. He must have the ability to perform general jobs like painting and more specific tasks such as attaching the icemaker in a refrigerator to the home’s plumbing. Interior handyman tasks may also include the assembly of furniture, hanging doors, knocking out walls, and installing ceiling fans, air conditioners, and light fixtures. Hanging wallpaper, repairing damaged ceilings, and installing molding and baseboards are other common handyman jobs.


The exterior of houses and other buildings also require a handyman’s skills for upkeep. Some exterior handyman jobs require the knowledge to replace siding and patch roofs. Installing, repairing, and cleaning gutters are other common handyman jobs performed outdoors.

Many handyman jobs require the skills of a mason. Some handymen can construct patios, arches, walls, pathways, and raised flowerbeds of stone or brick. A good handyman can also prepare the ground, build forms, and pour the concrete for sidewalks, steps, patios, garage floors, and other projects. For any projects requiring expertise that he cannot provide, the handyman will know whom to contact to get the job done.

Some handyman jobs require a person to clean swimming pools and maintain the landscape. A handyman may trim or cut down trees and haul them away. Apartment complexes and parks hire handymen to clean, maintain, and repair their buildings, playgrounds, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Real estate agencies and property management companies also hire people to maintain their properties.


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