What Are the Different Types of Halloween Games for Kids?

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Halloween games for kids can range from luck-based to educational in nature. For example, guessing a pumpkin's weight requires only a pumpkin and a scale and can be a challenging brain-teaser for young kids. In addition, traditional hide and seek games are action-orientated games that kids of all ages can play. If the most popular Halloween games for kids do not appeal to the kids or do not suit their age groups, an adult can put a Halloween spin on old favorites instead. Treasure hunting, pin the tail on the donkey, and even games of tag can be refashioned to suit the holiday.

Melt the Witch is a game played with a chalkboard, bucket of water, and a sponge. This is a classic classroom game that requires minimum setup and clean up, and only a good arm and a bit of luck from the students. A witch is drawn on the chalkboard, then the bucket is filled with water. The kids take turns dipping a sponge into the bucket, squeezing out the excess water, and throwing it out the chalkboard. If the sponge hits the mark, part of the chalk-drawn witch will disappear as if she is melting.


Mummy Wrap is one of the most popular Halloween games for kids. The game is very action-orientated and should be played with a group of children who are around the same age to be fair. This game takes the traditional mummy costume and turns it into a fun game. The kids are separated into groups of two, then each group is given a roll of bathroom tissue to wrap one member in. To win the game, the kids wrap their partners in tissue as fast as possible, and the winner is declared based on either the minimum time spent wrapping, the best looking mummy, or both.

Other types of Halloween games for kids are more educational, like the pumpkin weight-guessing game. This game is suitable for children of at least five years old and requires a scale and at least one pumpkin. The kids are asked to guess the weight of a pumpkin. They are usually given permission to weigh any other object to help make an educated guess. When everyone has made a guess and written it down, the pumpkin is weighed and the guess closest to the actual weight wins.

Hide and seek games can also be played Halloween-style with costumes, creepy decorations, and Halloween snacks to eat on break. The kids can hide and seek to spooky music, or seek Halloween-related items hidden by an adult to turn in for prizes. In the latter case, the game is similar to Easter egg hunts but with toy pumpkins, skulls, or black cats.


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Post 3

The two Halloween party games for kids and adults that I always think of are bobbing for apples (which isn't really much of a game, but it is traditional) and some version of a haunted house. Even if the haunting is just to blindfold the kids and make them touch cold spaghetti and peeled grapes.

If they aren't being a little bit scared then it isn't really Halloween!

Post 2

@pastanaga - I think people get a bit worried about having their kids work with pumpkins unsupervised, just because it can be dangerous. If the children are too young, a good alternative might be to provide safety scissors and some pre-made pumpkin cutouts so they can design and cut out their own face and maybe even make it into a mask.

There are a lot of great Halloween games for children, but do remember to be sensitive to some of the issues that surround the holiday. Many people might be offended at depictions of witches, for example, as they can be a reminder of past atrocities. It's also important to make sure people don't wear costumes that stereotype others. If you're going to have a theme, make it a good one. Something like "Cowboys and Indians" is just asking for trouble.

Post 1

If your kids are old enough to be able to handle a craft knife another idea for an activity would be to have them carve pumpkins.

If you are worried about their abilities with a big pumpkin, you might substitute it with a softer melon or something like that, which can still be hollowed out. With a softer fruit they will be less likely to slip.

This can be a good activity as a Halloween party filler between games, so kids have something to do when they don't want to participate in one of the group activities.

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