What Are the Different Types of Halal Cosmetics?

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Halal cosmetics have not been on the market as long as traditional cosmetics, but several companies around the world make halal makeup and skin care products. These manufacturers are seeking to serve Muslim women do not want to use cosmetics that may contain haram ingredients. Most of the companies produce a variety of halal cosmetics, such as foundation, powder, blush, and lipstick. Halal eye makeup includes eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencils.

The word halal refers to anything that conforms to Islamic law, which prohibits the consumption of blood, pork, or alcohol. The word haram describes anything that does not conform. Some traditional cosmetics contain material from pigs or alcohol, and as such, would be prohibited under Islamic law. Halal cosmetics follow the laws of Islam. Companies have long created food products for observant Muslim people by providing halal foods, and they have now started selling other halal products, such as cosmetics.

Halal products eliminate ethical concerns that Muslim women have regarding praying with makeup on. Other women who aren't Muslim also enjoy the cosmetics, since they know these products were created ethically. Halal requirements generally mean that any animals used in the manufacture of food, cosmetics, or other products are treated respectfully and slaughtered humanely.


Some cosmetic companies offer a small line of halal cosmetics, with the basics of power and eyeshadow. The companies that only produce halal cosmetics tend to have much larger lines of cosmetics with eye shadows, kohl eyeliners, and natural mascaras. The foundations tend to be all-natural mineral powders with no additives.

Halal beauty products include creams, lotions, shampoos and conditioners. Halal skin care products are a large part of most manufacturer's focus. Muslim women desire to keep their skin clean and supple using all-natural products that contain no animal byproducts or alcohol, which would go against their halal lifestyle.

Some misconceptions regarding the halal lifestyle endured for ages. Many people, even Muslims, sometimes believe halal only pertained to dietary laws. Consumers have become more aware of the necessity to include the halal guidelines in all parts of their life, including what the use on their bodies.


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