What are the Different Types of Hair Toner?

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There are three basic types of hair toner including semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. In most instances, permanent toner is used, since this type of toner can cover previously colored hair. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent toner is only used to enhance existing hair color. When dying hair a white or light blond color, toner is frequently used in order to protect hair from color damage.

Lightening hair that is particularly dark is not easy to do. In order to lighten dark brown or black hair, stylists frequently use a two-step process that involves adding toner. The first part of this process is to bleach sections of the hair in order to lighten the hair. Then, a toner is applied over the bleached sections in order to enhance the hair color.

Attempting to lighten one's own hair with bleach and toner is not recommended. When applying bleach, it is best to seek the help of a professional hair stylist. If not performing a two-step hair process, toner can be applied to hair that has already been colored. Applying hair toner to hair that has already been colored can help to reduce brassy hair color.


There are various home hair color kits that are labeled as toners, but these products do not add color to hair. Instead, most home toners simply magnify existing hair color. Natural blonds can add home hair toner to hair in order to bring out lighter blond highlights. Similarly, brunettes can use a home toner to draw out auburn shades. Due to the fact that many different hair colors are marketed as toners, it is important to understand what each product does prior to using a home hair toner.

By visiting with a professional stylist, the right hair color for one's skin tone can be discovered. Professional stylists have been trained to determine what colors will look best on each individual. Toner should not be used on a regular basis, since overuse can be damaging. Instead, toner should only be used to correct an existing hair color problem.

If toner is used too frequently, hair may become damaged, since toner contains harsh chemicals. In most instances, one hair toner application is enough to fix any existing color problem. Over-coloring hair can cause irreversible damage, which is why it's important to seek the assistance of a professional stylist when applying any kind of hair toner or color to hair.


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beachgirl05- No, you cannot usually purchase blonde hair toner at a drug or grocery store. You will usually need to visit a beauty supply store. Keep in mind that you might need to show a hair stylist license in order to purchase products there.

Try visiting your local salon. You might be able to purchase blonde hair toner at a salon without a license.

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Is it possible to buy blonde hair toner at a grocery store or drug store?

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