What are the Different Types of Hair Removal Machines?

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Laser hair removal machines use pulsating beams of light to damage the underlying hair follicle to prevent the future growth of unwanted hair. While there are products designed for home use, they are not as effective as professional-level devices. The five different types of professional laser hair removal machines are the Alexandrite system, the diode laser, the ND Yag laser, the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy machine, and the Ruby Laser machine.

Home laser devices are a cost-effective alternative to a professional hair removal treatment plan. These devices use diode laser or IPL technology, and most home devices are only recommended for those with light skin and red, gray, or blonde hair, as the device can cause skin discoloration. These devices usually require six to eight months of treatments to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Alexandrite laser machines are best suited for people with fair skin and dark hair. This device is one of the quickest hair removal devices, but it can produce hypo-pigmentation in those with dark skin. The Alexandrite machine is one of the most popular hair removal devices.

Diode laser hair removal machines produce a longer light wavelength and penetrate the skin deeper than the Alexandrite device. This device is effective for use on people with olive or darker skin who have brown or black hair because of the penetration level. The diode laser hair removal system works on the widest range of people with varying skin types and hair colors.


Ruby laser hair removal devices are not safe for use on people with fair skin because this type of light wavelength technology can cause darkening of the skin. This device is less painful than most hair removal machines, and it is usually used on small areas of skin. The Ruby laser is the oldest type of laser hair removal technology.

The IPL laser device sends multiple light wavelengths through the skin and targets the hair follicles at various different levels. These machines can cover large areas of the skin in a shorter amount of time than other devices. This type of device is safe for most skin types, but it is not as effective as other machines on light-colored hair.

ND Yag laser machines produce two different types of light. One light targets the hair follicles far beneath the surface of the skin, while another green light penetrates the follicles closer to the skin surface. This device is safe for those with dark skin.


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Post 3

My sister uses a laser machine for hair removal. Actually, it's not hair removal, but hair reduction. It's a fairly small tool. My sister just plugs it in, puts it against her skin and that's it. She says her hair is growing out more slowly now.

The problem is that it can't be used on darker skin. I have darker skin than my sister and I can't use it. The machine does check skin color to make sure it can be used though, which is quite cool.

Post 2

@burcidi-- You can use an epilator. It's a small gadget that has a spiraling head. It's very fast and it plucks out hair.

It does hurt though, so only go for this option if you can tolerate pain. It's easy and without mess, just like you said but if you want something pain-free, then a laser machine is the best hair removal equipment.

Plus, an epilator doesn't remove hair permanently. It's like waxing, the hair grows back out. In that sense, laser machines are again superior.

I know a nice one costs a lot, but think of it as an investment.

Post 1

Are there any hair removal products or gadgets for home that don't use laser?

I'm sick of shaving and waxing. I'm looking for something easier and less-messy but I can't afford laser removal.

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