What Are the Different Types of Guinea Pig Toys?

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There are many different types of guinea pig toys, although in general most may be ignored by the rodents. Small balls and other rodent toys found in pet stores can provide entertainment for some guinea pigs. Places to hide, such as tunnels, cardboard boxes, and paper bags are often the most popular toys. Other examples include ping pong balls and toilet roll tubes.

Like any pet, guinea pigs require stimulation to avoid boredom. Guinea pig toys can be difficult to choose, however, because the rodents often ignore most items in the cage. Even so, some guinea pigs will take to certain toys better than others, so it’s desirable to experiment with different types. It’s also essential to have a large cage with plenty of room for exercise.

Many pet stores offer guinea pig toys for sale, and these are a good place to start. Small balls, for example, can be rolled around by the guinea pigs. It is recommended to only buy toys specifically made for rodents such as guinea pigs because the animals will almost certainly gnaw and chew them. If parts start to break off a toy, remove it immediately to avoid injury.

The best toys are often the simplest. Tunnels, for example, are popular guinea pig toys. The animals like to run through them when exercising and may even roll them around. Guinea pigs are prey animals so having an extra place to hide is also a bonus.


Another popular type of toy is a cardboard box. When turned upside down, and with a hole for an entrance, guinea pigs love to hide in them. It’s a good idea to fill the box with hay and treats to make the hideaway even more comfortable.

There are a number of guinea pig toys that can be made at home. Paper bags, for example, are useful as temporary toys until they get dirty and are often popular as hiding places. It’s important to make sure the bags are safe to use by cutting off any handles. A towel hung over the corner of a cage is another easy way of creating an extra hiding place.

Aside from extra places to hide, items such as ping pong balls and toilet roll tubes stuffed with hay can be good guinea pig toys. Pine cones, once sterilized, are another toy to try. Experimenting with different toys is the best way to discover an animal’s favorite.


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