What Are the Different Types of Ground Venison?

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The different types of ground venison can be classified according to the type of animal from which it comes or the cut of meat from which it is made. Venison comes from members of the Cervidae family, which includes animals such as white-tailed deer, reindeer, elk, moose and caribou. Ground venison from reindeer is considered by many people to be the best type because it is extremely tender and sweet. The most tender cuts of meat, such as the tenderloin, make a ground venison that can be used for burgers, meatloaf and sausage. Ground venison from tougher sections, such as the rump, is often used for chili, stews and jerky.

Meat from reindeer is considered by many people to be the best type to use for ground venison because of its tenderness and sweetness. Moose and caribou have a more savory, smooth taste and also are considered good for ground venison. Ground venison from these animals is considered to be healthy, which is attributed to what they eat. Much of their diet consists of lichens, which are very high in nutrition and vitamin content, and berries. Although ground venison is high in cholesterol, it is low in fat and sodium, and it is a good source of protein, iron and many other vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus and zinc.


Deer that are at least five years old supply the best types of ground venison. Venison tends to be dry, so many people add bacon, pork or beef to it when making ground venison, for extra fat content. Ground venison should look pink when cooked. If it turns gray, it’s overcooked.

Using the right herbs, such as basil, garlic and bay leaf, creates a rich, robust, spicy taste when making ground venison. After venison is ground, mixed and seasoned, it’s often stuffed into casings to make ground venison sausage. Ground venison jerky is made by forming it into thin strips, then dehydrating it, preferably in the sun.


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