What are the Different Types of Groin Pain Treatment?

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The right groin pain treatment may be helpful in relieving any discomfort associated with a sports or exercise injury. Knowing how to perform simple groin stretches at home may also be the best place to start to begin the healing process. The RICE treatment is a very good groin pain option to help alleviate pain associated with groin injuries, and may help speed recovery time. Experiencing a groin strain or injury is not pleasant, but the end result of implementing helpful groin muscle exercises may aid in getting complete relief.

The RICE treatment is recommended as the first treatment choice for any pull or strain in the upper thigh and groin area. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Rest requires an individual to stop playing any sport or participating in any strenuous exercise until the injury is healed. This may be difficult for many athletes who feel the need to be active. This method, however, will help the athlete heal quicker in the long run and allow them to do more exercise in the future.


Ice refers to using an ice pack against the groin area. The coldness of the ice aids in relieving swelling of the injured area, as well as providing short-term pain relief. Compression refers to wrapping a tight bandage around the groin area, which may be more challenging for this type of injury. Using the ice bag for compression will aid in accomplishing both tasks at the same time. Elevation simply refers to having the groin area above the head for a short period of time, perhaps 15 minutes, to help reduce swelling.

Groin stretching may also be a simple groin pain treatment which can easily be performed at home. The best technique utilizes the thigh muscles to receive a deep but gentle stretch in the groin area. Most groin stretches recommend placing the feet shoulder distance apart. The individual then slowly lunges all the weight of the body onto one foot, while keeping both feet still firmly grounded. This lunge and groin stretching exercise stretches the inner and upper thigh as well as the groin.

Anti-inflammatory medicines may also be used as a groin pain treatment, but shouldn't be the only avenue for relief, as it will not address an actual injury related to a pulled muscle or torn tissue. An effective groin pain treatment relies on needed rest, as well as slow stretches and exercises performed daily to aid in recovery. Once healing has occurred, normal exercise and physical activity may resume. If pain continues to persist, it should be a sign that the muscle is injured in a way only a medical professional can treat.


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