What are the Different Types of Greenhouse Spares?

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Like any building, a greenhouse has various parts that wear out, break, and need to be replaced over time. Some greenhouse spares to have on hand are door wheels, greenhouse plastic, and nuts and bolts. Other than the actual greenhouse equipment that is not part of the building, plastic film may end up being the most expensive and most often replaced part. Spare parts for a greenhouse are generally not difficult to come across, but it is usually not a bad idea to get spares of everything likely to wear out quickly while the place is still new. This way, the owner is stocked up with spare parts and does not have to shop around for more immediately following a breakage.

Nuts and bolts are common greenhouse accessories that may come loose or rust over time or simply become lost when it is time to put the building together. These items can usually be purchased in bulk at both hardware stores and Internet shops. If the exact size of the bolt or nut is unknown, it is typically helpful to measure it or bring it into a brick-and-mortar shop to compare it with nuts and bolts of similar sizes.


When stocking up on greenhouse spares, it may be wise to consider purchasing a few door wheels. While probably not the most likely part to break, these parts are relatively inexpensive. They are most easily found in online shops rather than brick-and-mortar ones because of how specific the items are, especially if the doors require a certain model of wheel.

Plastic film is also typically considered important when keeping a greenhouse stocked. This plastic sheeting helps protects the greenhouse enclosure from the elements. The plastic film may become damaged or worn as time passes, or it may be necessary to change the type of film as the seasons change. There are many levels of thickness, durability ratings, and amounts of light that can be transmitted through various types of plastic greenhouse film. The type of film that is typically advised for summer will often be very different from what is advised during winter and may vary based on climate location.

Another often utilized category of greenhouse spares are greenhouse seals. These seals are typically referred to as glazing strips and have an adhesive on one side. The strips can serve multiple purposes, from general insulation to plugging holes so that rain and snow cannot get into the greenhouse.


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