What are the Different Types of Granite Backsplash?

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There are a few different types of granite backsplash options available, including products in both solid granite and tile forms. Backsplash options are also made for various locations in the house including the kitchen and bathroom. Many people are considering granite for creating backsplashes because it is durable, beautiful, and available in a wide selection of colors and designs. Ecologically conscious consumers can also find granite products that have been responsibly quarried, and consumers have the added benefit of knowing their granite backsplash will last a lifetime and can be even be handed down to future generations if well cared for. Granite is well known for having minimal maintenance requirements once installed, though home improvement experts usually suggest hiring a professional for the installation process.

Granite is available in two forms, tiles and sheet granite, and both are equally effective for use in a backsplash application. A tile granite backsplash is lighter weight and easier to install than the sheet versions, and offers greater diversity in regards to design options because the consumer can select several different colors for their unique design. Tile work will require more maintenance effort to keep the grout work clean, however. Sheet granite is heavier and a bit harder to install than the tiles, though many people are attracted to the simple elegance this option provides. This type of granite product can be more expensive than tile options.


The most common type of granite backsplash is found in the kitchen, and this material makes a long-lasting and attractive decorative wall covering. In the kitchen, the backsplash can be placed on the wall behind the stove top unit or the sink. These areas often become soiled from normal kitchen activities, such as cooking and cleaning, and granite functions to protect the wall and provide an easy to clean surface.

Another type of granite backsplash can be found in the bathroom of the home and is often built into a sink, counter, and backsplash single unit. These are usually the most economical option, as they provide several features for the price of one. Granite tiles can be used in the bath as well, and may also be installed in a pattern behind the sink, though some people also choose to protect the walls surrounding the shower, bathtub, and toilet from the potential of splashing water. People who choose granite for their backsplash may find that the cabinets or support walls will need to be reinforced to support the heavy weight of this natural stone.


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