What Are the Different Types of Grammar Programs?

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There are two basic types of grammar programs for computers: programs that correct the grammar of a document and programs that teach a user how to use grammar. The former is generally not considered a reliable method of editing an article, but the latter can teach a willing student more about grammar. In addition, some websites offer educational newsletter programs that help people gradually improve their grammar. The capability and reliability of each of these programs vary; for example, a poorly funded grammar program might not be very useful or can even be harmful when it comes to correcting an important document or teaching students grammar.

Some grammar programs are designed to analyze and correct a user’s grammar. A program scans a digital document for errors and then lists them with suggestions on how to completely fix or at least improve all incorrect sentences. These programs are usually reliable for novice mistakes, but they may frequently suggest the user fix correct sentences. It is difficult for programmers to code most or even all possible grammar mistakes, so all grammar programs are lacking in some way. The best computer software programs of this kind are usually not free and might even require a monthly subscription.


Other grammar programs are designed to actually teach users how to use grammar rather than fixing the mistakes they make. These computer programs are usually in the form of games and can range in difficulty from elementary education to high school or higher education. In general, there is relatively little demand for computer grammar programs, so the vast majority of the available games are often several years old. In fact, some old grammar computer games are no longer compatible with the latest versions of the popular operating systems.

Besides computer programs, some Internet newsletters give scheduled lessons on grammar. The emails arrive every day or week with a new explanation, tip, or other tidbit on grammar. This can be a slow way to learn more about grammar, but students are less likely to become overwhelmed with new information. A potential downside to educational newsletters is that students may become disinterested after a few emails and end up unsubscribing, not reading the emails, or sending the emails straight to their spam folder. Sometimes these newsletters make money by selling related products to their email list once they have gained the users’ trust, such as selling an e-book on certain aspects of writing.


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