What Are the Different Types of Gout Diet Foods?

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Recommended gout diet foods, or foods that do not contribute to gout symptoms, include foods that contain low or moderate amounts of protein and purines as well as those that contain components that can reduce symptoms. Individuals with gout may wish to include several fruits in their diets, including bananas and berries, as well as vegetables such as celery and kale. Other recommended foods include tofu and salmon, the first because it provides protein but does not have the high purine content of some meats and the latter because its fatty acids can combat painful gout symptoms. It is very important for sufferers to select their gout diet foods in conjunction with their physician, as individual nutritional needs as well as effective medications may permit some gout patients to eat foods that are not otherwise recommended while other sufferers may have to live with a more restricted diet.


For many people with gout, reducing red meat and certain types of seafood in the diet may be required to control the condition. Completely eliminating protein, however, may not be a good option either. Some gout diet foods that may supply protein while not aggravating gout can include tofu, chicken, and some fish. In addition, individuals with gout may wish to choose low-fat dairy products as well as nuts and seeds as additional protein sources. Incidentally, as obesity can be connected with gout, it is a good idea for somebody who is both obese and suffers from gout to discuss a safe weight-loss program with her doctor because sudden weight loss may actually trigger gout symptoms.

Other gout diet foods include many fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cabbage, and many lettuce greens, excluding spinach. There is some controversy, however, in the medical community as to whether vegetables that contain purines, such as spinach, cauliflower, and asparagus, actually do trigger gout symptoms. Individuals with gout may wish to speak to their doctor or nutritionist about this subject so they can determine whether they wish to include these vegetables in their diet. Most fruits are quite acceptable on a gout diet.

Alcohol can increase uric acid levels and is not recommended for individuals with gout, though people should feel free to drink coffee and tea. Other beverage options include soft drinks in moderation, milk, and fruit juices. Many medical professionals recommend that those suffering from gout make a point of drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of pure water each day.


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Post 3

I had my gout attack just after eating cauliflower the night before.

Post 2

@pleonasm - Gout is really painful, and it can be difficult figuring out which gout diet foods to avoid.

You really have to be vigilant because some foods, like liver for example, are supposed to be really healthy. You can't just take it for granted, you really have to research proper gout diet plans in order to figure out what you can and can't eat.

There are some foods which are supposed to make it a bit better. I've heard that blueberries are good for reducing the inflammation of gout, although I don't know how reliable that information is.

I think you just have to pay attention to what you eat and what happens in response and figure it out.

Post 1

My father used to suffer terribly from gout. The thing was, he knew what caused it and could never resist eating it anyway.

Eating too much liver or kidneys would cause it, I guess because they were just too rich. If he ate too much steak or things like that too, it would cause him to start having intense pain in his feet from the gout.

If we even went near his feet he would be in agony.

I guess he always thought that he could get away with not eating so much that his gout would start acting up. But I wish I had known about which gout diet foods to eat back then and I would have made him be better.

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