What Are the Different Types of Gourmet Muffins?

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Gourmet muffins are typically larger than traditional types and are often made with unusual ingredients. Sugar free gourmet muffins may be made with artificial sweeteners, while organic muffins are typically prepared with organic fruits and grains. Some specialty bake shops sell gourmet muffins that are labeled as vegan, and these are often prepared with vegetable oil instead of butter. Gluten-free gourmet muffins are created for those who cannot tolerate wheat. Many gourmet muffins are made with sweet or flavorful toppings, such as streusel, chopped nuts or specialty glazes.

When preparing gourmet muffins, many bakers will use ingredients not typically considered for traditional recipes. For instance, one type of gourmet muffin recipe calls for the use of rose water in place of ordinary water. In addition, herbal ingredients may be added when making gourmet muffins. Ginger and allspice are two uncommon types of muffins often considered to be exotic.

Although chocolate chip muffins are considered to be a common and popular dessert, gourmet recipes may call for the use of white chocolate or dark chocolate morsels. In addition, the white or dark chocolate muffins may include pieces of semi-sweet shaved chocolate on top. Variations of gourmet chocolate chip muffins may include a raspberry or cherry filling.


Pumpkin spice muffins are a type of gourmet snack or dessert that is often served during winter holidays. Ingredients such as canned or fresh pumpkin, allspice, cinnamon and chopped nuts may be used for this recipe. Some varieties are also iced with a sugary glaze.

Gourmet muffins are not always made for dessert. Breakfast muffins may also be made from a gourmet recipe and there are several varieties. Gourmet bran or oat muffins may be made with fruit filling, or drizzled with a honey topping. Many breakfast muffins are also made with crumb topping. Cinnamon swirl gourmet breakfast muffins may include raisins and nutmeg.

Those who prefer vegan, organic or gluten-free muffins may find these varieties at specialty shops and bakeries. Organic muffins are typically made with organic fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and bananas. Although many recipes call for the use of butter or margarine, vegetable oil may be substituted when preparing vegan muffins. Individuals with a wheat intolerance often prefer gluten-free muffins that are sold in gourmet bake shops. Some varieties are made with brown rice instead of wheat flour.

Many types of gourmet or specialty muffins are jumbo-sized. These may include all popular fruit flavored or chocolate varieties, as well as dinner muffins. Gourmet flavors such as butter pecan or carrot cake are a few of the unusual varieties of jumbo sized muffins.


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