What Are the Different Types of Gourmet Cheesecake?

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There are many different flavors of gourmet cheesecake ranging from plain with fruit topping to triple chocolate. While there is plain cheesecake with one of several types of fruit topping, there is also fruit cheesecake that may or may not have the topping on it. Some flavors of cheesecake are made or served typically between the end of November and the end of December in the United States. Chocoholics have a huge assortment of chocolate varieties to choose from. Some may also like the cheesecake infused with liquor or their non-alcoholic counterparts.

Those who want a little something added to plain gourmet cheesecake might prefer the ones with fruit topping. Some of the fruit topping varieties include cherry, blueberry, pineapple, strawberry, and peach. There are also several types of fruit cheesecake that may or may not have the corresponding topping, including blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, and cranberry. Some recipes call for using fruit pie filling while others say to use fresh fruit only.


Certain types of gourmet cheesecake are typically made and served between the end of November and the end of December because of their Thanksgiving and Christmas themed flavors. For Thanksgiving, pumpkin and sweet potato are popular versions. Peppermint and eggnog are two versions that are usually popular around Christmas. Cranberry is one of the versions popular around both holidays. There is also Christmas Cheesecake, which usually consists of cherry pie filling along with the typical cheesecake ingredients over a graham cracker crust.

Chocoholics certainly have a big selection of gourmet cheesecake to choose from. While there is the regular chocolate cheesecake, there is also chocolate chip, brownie, and chocolate truffle for starters. There are also turtle, triple chocolate, German chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate macadamia, and black forest. Anyone who is a fan of white chocolate rather than dark or milk chocolate has the option of cheesecake varieties including white chocolate macadamia, white chocolate raspberry, and lime white chocolate.

Some cheesecakes are infused with alcohol such as Amaretto, Kahlua, Irish cream, or brandy. Typically, there will be additional notes on each recipe for how to make non-alcoholic versions for those who want the same flavor without using the alcohol. Many also suggest putting chocolate shavings, chocolate drizzle, or whipped cream on top of each slice of gourmet cheesecake.


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