What Are the Different Types of Golf Industry Jobs?

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The golf industry includes any company, entity, or person who creates goods or services relating to golf, as well as advertising, delivery, catering, and other related goods and services that may serve golfers, golf clubs, golf companies, and so on. It is therefore fairly easy to find golf industry jobs, since the industry itself is rather large and varied. A person may work at a golf course, or he or she may work for a delivery company that delivers golf equipment. Other golf industry jobs may include golf pro, greenskeeper, caddy, marketer and advertiser, television announcer, and so on.

Golf equipment manufacturing and sales offers perhaps one of the widest opportunities for golf industry jobs. Factories are required to create many pieces of golf equipment, and everyone from the custodians to the machinists to the managers to the advertisers falls under the category of golf industry jobs. Delivery drivers must move those goods from the factory to the sales floor; retail associates must learn about the products and sell them to customers; and professional golfers are often tasked with using those goods and endorsing them for advertisements. Advertising agencies often create ad campaigns for golf equipment as well as golf athletes.


At the golf course, a golf pro is responsible for giving lessons to all levels of golfers, for helping run tournaments and other operations, and so on. Golf clubhouses often allow for various golf industry jobs, from pro shop associates to cooks and servers. Greenskeepers have one of the most physically demanding and strenuous jobs at a golf course, as these people are responsible for maintaining the golf course and ensuring it is ready for golfing on a daily basis. Greenskeepers may be responsible for mowing fairways, roughs, and greens, as well as altering the landscape, planting or uprooting trees and shrubs, repairing damage from storms, and even attending to the clubhouse.

Golf cart manufacturers provide transportation for golfers on the course for hours at a time. One of the most enjoyable but difficult golf industry jobs is that of the caddy, who may be responsible for driving that golf cart or hauling a golfer's golf bag on his or her shoulder. The caddy is responsible for tracking the golfer's ball, delivering the correct club to the golfer, and in some cases even recommending the right club or strategy for hitting the ball. Caddies may work on an hourly basis or a tip-only basis, while professional caddies may be paid a salary.


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