What Are the Different Types of Global Business Ideas?

Esther Ejim

Global business ideas refer to those types of business ideas that can be started locally and exported to international markets. Some types of business ideas are better suited to a local market though, because they merely fulfill a local need. In order for a business to be successful globally, it must fulfill a global need. Examples of global business ideas include importation and exportation of identified goods, the production of a service in a country that may be extended to other countries, and manufacturing and producing goods.

Many companies build production companies in.
Many companies build production companies in.

Importation of identified types of goods and the exportation of such goods are global business ideas when done on an international level. An example is the establishment of a silk farm to produce high-quality silk. The finished product will be used both locally and internationally. The local producers of the silk material will export their products to various countries located in different corners of the globe.

Web-based businesses, such as those that provide financial services, can be set up to serve customers throughout the world.
Web-based businesses, such as those that provide financial services, can be set up to serve customers throughout the world.

A person could set up an online semi-banking facility that would enable people from around the world to receive money, pay money, and confidently and securely conduct financial transactions. The business may be based in one country, while conducting its business with people and on behalf of people all around the world. The establishment of a Web site in which qualified writers located in different parts of the world can work on various assignments is a related type of business. This is because the work is largely done online and the payments to the writers are made using such facilities as an online financial Web site.

Another global business idea involves the system of outsourcing of jobs to employees located in various countries around the world. This is a part of global business ideas that are aimed at maximizing the profit of a company. In the same sense, manufacturers of products could increase their profit by establishing manufacturing companies in the areas where people are willing to work for much lower wages than in their home country. For instance, if an apparel company builds a production outlet in China, it could capitalize on the lower wages paid out to significantly increase its profit margins. This sort of global business idea is a very popular one, which many companies located in the United States have implemented. Most goods are either completely built in China or other related countries, or they are manufactured in those countries and then assembled in the United States.

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