What Are the Different Types of Global Advertising Strategy?

Erin J. Hill

A business's global advertising strategy could include any variety of methods or marketing collateral, but would most likely include a web presence, social media, networking, and traditional advertising in print or on the radio or television. The combination of these methods used will depend heavily on the company or organization's budget, their target market, and the products or services being offered.

Ads can be bought and placed on various websites so consumers can see them while browsing.
Ads can be bought and placed on various websites so consumers can see them while browsing.

Advertising refers to the use of media for the purpose of connecting with potential customers or clients. The most traditional forms of media used in advertising are print, television, and radio. With the emergence of the Internet and the digital age, newer and more far-reaching methods of advertisement have come about. Social networking, online ads, blogs, and Internet videos are common methods businesses of the 21st century use to land new customers.

Most businesses use a global advertising strategy which implements all of these methods. This can be a challenge in many cases because cultural differences may affect the validity of a specific advertisement. Translations may also be needed so readers in various countries can read online media. Many businesses use various advertising agencies in multiple countries to better reach target customers in every location.

Some global advertising strategies still employs tried and true media methods. Print ads, TV spots, and radio commercials are all combined to draw in consumers. This gets the company's name out there, and offers information to potential buyers. These advertising methods have to be targeted to the ideal consumer, so different ads and commercials may need to be created in various locations.

Using online marketing is another global advertising strategy. Ads can be bought and placed on various websites so consumers can see them while browsing. Blogs and social media also allow various companies to connect directly with consumers on a more personal level by offering tips and advice in their areas of expertise and by running specials like contests, sales, and other fun customer oriented activities.

Businesses may choose between various types of global advertising strategy by choosing only portions of these methods or by using a wide range of marketing collateral. The main goal of any advertising is to connect with customers, and a campaign plan may change as a business grows and technologies and customer preference begins to change. One company will likely implement several advertising campaigns per year.

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