What are the Different Types of Geriatric Services?

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Elderly patients often require a variety of services to help with health care and other issues. Sometimes, geriatric patients need home care, which might be provided by agencies that employ nurses and other health care professionals. Some geriatric services are designed specifically to help Alzheimer's disease patients and their families with the unique challenges of that disorder. In many communities, volunteers work together to provide geriatric services to their neighbors.

Elderly stroke patients often need geriatric recovery and rehabilitation services. Many agencies provide these services at the patient's home. These services may include rehabilitation treatment by a licensed medical professional or physical therapist. Along with strokes and other brain injuries, there are a variety of illness and traumatic injuries that may require such services.

Geriatric services that provide training and education are often provided by community-run programs. Some of these offer free support to elderly citizens. Services may include online assistance through email. Many geriatric clients, though, prefer to receive support in person.

Many of the services for senior citizens include support groups for various medical conditions. One example would be a support group for seniors who are afflicted by rheumatoid arthritis. Geriatric services may also include a support group for patients with terminal cancer. Some programs also provide care and support for elderly individuals who live alone, with no family members nearby.


Geriatric services for elderly disabled individuals are a common type of program. Some of these organizations are national, while others are community run. Many are funded by donations and staffed by volunteers. Religious organizations also typically offer geriatric services. These are founded by individuals whose goals are to uphold religious values in the community, while helping elderly individuals needing assistance.

Many communities build or subsidize assisted living facilities or senior citizen independent living facilities as part of their mission. These can be considered geriatric services for residents. Finding them in specific communities may require an Internet search or a call to local government officials.

Mental health geriatric services are not limited to resources for Alzheimer's patients. Support groups for elderly patients suffering from mental illness may also be helpful for caregivers and family members. Geriatric programs may also include suicide prevention services and help for seniors suffering from depression.

There are geriatric services focusing on patients with chronic pain. These services typically include support groups that offer solutions for pain management and resources for alternative treatments. Counseling may also be provided in these services.


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