What are the Different Types of Geocaching Supplies?

Jessica Ellis

Geocaching is a popular activity that involves the use of navigation to find hidden items around the world. Using mainly global positioning systems (GPS), adventurers seek out specific coordinates to find hidden boxes and enjoy prestige. In order to geocache in style, a hearty adventurer needs a few important geocaching supplies and a desire to hunt down slightly buried treasure.

Walkie-talkies can help coordinate a large group while geocaching.
Walkie-talkies can help coordinate a large group while geocaching.

One of the most important supplies a geocache hunter can possess is a GPS device. These mobile devices use a satellite network to provide accurate information about a variety of things, including traffic and weather. For geocaching, GPS receivers allow navigators to plug in coordinates of a cache in order to determine its location. The cache coordinates are typically found on a geocaching list site, which may have hundred or even thousands of coordinates to try.

Insect repellent is an important part of a geocaching supply kit.
Insect repellent is an important part of a geocaching supply kit.

For beginners, a guide to geocaching may be helpful in understanding the subtleties and etiquette of the activity. There are several websites that have basic explanations of how the game works and good tips for beginners. Bookstores with good hobby sections may also have large volumes on the subject that give detailed explanation on geocaching, including the history of the game and strategic information.

There are other geocaching supplies that can add to the game or keep things safe. If working in a large party, consider having walkie-talkies to communicate over short distances. Since many geocaches are in natural and wild environments, consider basic safety when going on a hunt. Sunscreen, insect repellent, and a first-aid kit may come in handy even for seasoned explorers. If hunting in remote areas, remember to bring food, water, and warm clothes. Taking basic safety precautions can help keep the activity fun and safe for all involved.

Half the fun of geocaching is creating new caches for other dedicated adventurers to hunt down. Since these are hidden outdoors, it's important to have containers that withstand the elements and can remain waterproof. Any waterproof, hard plastic box may do the trick, but geocaching supplies websites may also have specific boxes for different types of caches.

Although the container may be one of the most important geocaching supplies, what's in the container is far more exciting. Many contain simply a logbook and pen or pencil, so successful finders can sign and date their find. Larger caches may contain trinkets, toys, or prizes for the lucky finders. Geocaching supplies for stocking boxes can really be just about anything, from plastic toys and figurines to geocaching memorabilia.

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