What Are the Different Types of Generalist Jobs?

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People who work in generalist jobs are typically trained in an array of skills and knowledge within a particular field. A number of generalist jobs are in human resources (HR), where a person is responsible for a variety of HR issues. Information technology (IT) generalist jobs may include troubleshooting issues for multiple computer network systems. Generally, duties associated with generalist game programmer jobs are related to programming game systems. Electrical generalist duties might involve mechanical repairs of electrical tools and machines.

Specific types of generalist jobs involve duties that vary based on the size and needs of an organization. Duties related to generalist positions for a small organization might include all functions within the department. Large organizations with more than one location might employ multiple generalists and concentrate duties within a region.

Most generalist jobs require expertise in several different functions to fulfill the multiple duties related to a specific department. Often, this requires having extensive education, training, and work experience to demonstrate a broad range of knowledge and skills. Employers might expect an undergraduate degree related to the job, plus several years of work experience to develop these skill sets.

For example, HR generalist jobs often require an expansive knowledge of activities and functions within the human resources department. Many of these functions may include recruiting, workplace safety, benefits administration, and staff planning. Some HR generalists might also implement policies and procedures related to these functions.


Similarly, IT generalists typically support the department responsible for an organization’s computer network system. The majority of duties may include basic technical support to employees and resolving hardware and software issues. For some organizations, IT generalists may also train employees on new software systems.

Organizations that design programming features of gaming systems usually recruit for generalist programmer jobs. People in these positions may collaborate with other members of the design team during the game development process. Using a broad knowledge of language code, generalist programmers might act as co-developers to implement tools that support new gaming systems. Many other duties might include developing test cases and writing documentation based on the code.

Another type of job often requiring a broad skill set is an electrical generalist. Typically, this job is within an organization that repairs machines, tools, and other types of electrical equipment. In general, electrical generalists understand the mechanical schematics of various types of equipment that the organization either manufactures or sells.

This includes having a broad knowledge of the electrical system to troubleshoot and analyze issues related to the equipment. Typically, electrical generalists can identify what causes equipment to either operate properly or fail. Skilled at repairs, electrical generalists might also provide ongoing maintenance of the equipment.


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