What are the Different Types of General Manager Jobs?

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The general manager jobs that are available vary by industry. However, the tasks required can be divided into four primary categories: staff supervision, project management, problem resolution, and customer support. A general manager typically reports to a regional manager or to someone at the executive level.

Most people have been working for at least 10 years before they become a general manager. This position holds a great deal of responsibility and it requires a combination of education and experience to achieve. Most general managers have at least an undergraduate degree or diploma, most often in business, administration, management, or a related discipline. In some industries, a master's of business administration (MBA) is a standard requirement.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in general manager jobs enjoy problem solving and working independently. The level of responsibility is quite high, along with the profile, compensation, and pressure. Take time to ensure you are able to meet all the requirements of the position before you apply.

Staff supervision is among the most important of all the different general manager jobs, as almost all general managers have department managers who report directly to them. Depending on the size of the organization, the department managers have staff who report to them. Working within this type of structure, it is important to have clearly defined roles, reporting structure, and job descriptions.


Project management is one of the many general manager jobs required in this role. Large projects may include facility changes, information technology projects, business reorganization, creating a new product line, or investing in new technology. This aspect of the job requires a combination of communication skills and time management.

Problem resolution involves active listening, negotiations, conflict resolution, and mediation. The types of conflicts faced in this position include disputes between staff, issues with suppliers, and problems with clients. The ability to resolve issues quickly and effectively is a key part of this role.

In order to provide effective customer support, the general manager is responsible for communicating the message of quality customer service, minimum delivery standards, and other methods for working with clients. The commitment to customer service often starts at the top of any organization, and the ability to communicate this commitment to staff is critical to the success of the department or division. Well-trained staff members are able to balance company policies and priorities with excellent customer service and support.


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